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1818008 - How to Create a Customer Return without a Reference


How to create a customer return without a reference.

Business Scenario could be that you have not migrated sales orders from your legacy system and a customer returns goods which are referenced to a sales order in your legacy system. The customer is now returning goods and you need to create a customer return which is referencing your document in the legacy system instead of a document in your Business ByDesign System.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Inbound Logistics work center.
  2. Select New Customer Return Notification in the Common Tasks.

You are not able to create a customer return without reference as the system is asking for a sales order or customer invoice reference.


In order to create a customer return without a reference, you would need to skip the first step when creating a New Customer Return Notification.


To create a customer return without reference, follow these steps in logistics:

  1. Go to the Inbound Logistics work center.
  2. Select New Customer Return Notification in the Common Tasks.
  3. Skip step 1 Select Outbound Delivery Items and navigate straight to step 2 Edit Customer Return Delivery Notification.
  4. Enter the Delivery Notification ID XYZ, Ship-to Party, Ship-to Location and the Sender ABC (XYZ represents the Delivery Notification number and ABC represents the number of the account which returned the goods).
  5. In the Line Items tab press the Add Row button.
  6. Enter your Product ID, the Delivery Notification Quantity and the Reason for the Return.
  7. In the field Sales Order ID and Sales Order Item ID you need to enter a reference e. g. EXT (EXT represents the external number of the reference document you are creating the return for e. g. a sales order from a legacy system).
  8. Navigate to step 3 Review.
  9. Note: there will be a warning message (Sales order item reference not valid) displayed since the system does not recognize the entered reference number. This warning message can be ignored.
  10. Press the Finish button.
  11. Select the link Post Goods Receipt for Customer Return Notification Document XYZ.
  12. In the Create Inbound Delivery and Goods Receipt ensure that the data is complete e. g. that the Actual Quantity has been maintained and then press the Save and Close button.

 Now you can execute these steps in the Sales Order work center:

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Select the Returns view.
  3. Open return EFG (EFG represents the number of the return which has just been created out of the Inbound Delivery and Goods Receipt).
  4. You will see that the return EFG is inconsistent and the following error messages will be displayed:
    Item XX: Sales Order reference with ID EXT-EXT not valid (XX represents the line item number).
    Ref ID EXT and type Sales Order is not valid. Enter a valid ref ID
    Ref ID EFG is not valid. Enter a valid ref ID.
  5. Navigate to the Items tab.
  6. Select the Line Item and press the Assign Reference button.
  7. In the Assign Reference window activate the External Indicator.
  8. Enter the Reference Type Sales Order, Reference ID EXT and Reference Line EXT.
  9. Press the OK button.
  10. The return will now be consistent and you can continue the return process e.g. Release the return with Credit Memo.


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