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1828102 - Customer Invoice Does Not Appear in Customer Account Monitor After 100% Discount


You created an invoice with a 100% discount.

But when checking the Receivables account monitor there has been no item created for this invoice.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the Customer Invoicing workcenter navigate to the Invoice Documents view.
  2. Press Edit to open the invoice
  3. In the Items section you can see a discount of 100% has been applied in the Discount % column.
  4. The status of the invoice is Released and in the document flow of the invoice you can see that a journal entry has been created.
  5. Therefore you expect to find this invoice in the customer account monitor:
  6. Navigate to the Receivables workcenter and there to the Customers - Customer Accounts view
  7. Search for the customer that the customer invoice has been created, select the account and press View. By default the Trade Receivables-Invoices.Payments tab opens.
  8. Select Show- All items
  9. You can find the customer invoice with 100% discount here.


The system works as designed. If a 100% discount is applied to a customer invoice then there will be no receivables item created to appear in the account monitor as the invoice does not need any further processing from receivables side.


To identify the invoice you can check for instance the Invoice volume report:

  1. In the Customer Invoicing workcenter navigate to the Reports list
  2. Here you find the Invoice Volume report and then filter for the respective customer and invoice document.



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