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1828436 - Intercompany Project Scenario: The Automatically Created Sales Order is not Released Automatically by the System.


In an Intercompany Project Scenario the created sales order is not released automatically by the system.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Project Management work center.
  2. Select the Projects view.
  3. Open Project XYZ(XYZ represents the number of the project).
  4. Go to the Products and Purchasing -> Product Overview tab.
  5. Select the product ABC (ABC represents the number of the service).
  6. Select Create Purchase Request -> For Released Project Tasks.
  7. Press the Finish button.
  8. Press the Save button in the project.
  9. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  10. Select the Sales Orders view. 
  11. Search for the newly created sales order EFG (EFG represents the number of the sales order).
    You can see that sales order EFG has not been released automatically by the system.
  12. Open the sales order.
  13. The following warning is displayed:
    Item 10: Customer expected net value XXX USD differs from item net value YYY USD (XXX represents the net value of the purchase order and YYY represents the net value of the sales order).


This is the expected system behaviour.

If the difference between the customer expected price in the purchase order and the net value in sales order is greater than 1% the automatic release is not allowed by the system.

Unfortunately there is no scoping option to configure the automatic release in any other way available in the system.


If there is a difference between the customer expected price from the purchase order and the net value in sales order which is greater than 1% you will have to release the sales order manually.


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