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1843119 - Cannot escape commas in flash variables


When attempting to pass multiple values in FlashVars to a child dashboard, a value containing a comma (,) can not be passed correctly.  The comma is read as the delimiter in the passing of the multi-values.


Flashvar values being passed are  1   2    2,3

Pasing the parameters via the OpenDocument call is done by passing the values using comma delimiters.

&lsSmyParm=1,2,2,3  which is interprested as values  1 2 2 3  vice  1  2  2,3


Reproducing the Issue

Create a Flashvar that will be used to pass multiple values.

Point the flashvar to a range of cells that will store the multiple values  (F3:F5)

Enter a value that will be passed via a flashvar containing a comma   (1,2)

Pass the values in an openDocument call.





Adobe Flash has several special characters that cannot be interpreted.  Examples are  #,  &  and ,



Substitute a different character as the delimiter from the Parent Dashboard side and pass the FlashVar.

On the Child Dashboard side,  replace the new character with the original comma.

Example function in Excel:

Data to change is in Cell F3 and contains 2,3

Enter a similar function in another cell to change the comma character and use the output as the criteria to be passed via FlashVars


Result is 2+3 which can be passed as a FlashVar.





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SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 ; SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius Enterprise 2008