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1847319 - Quick Guide - Q&A on system provisioning; test system, migration system, change project, ...


This document is for customers with requests/queries around system provisioning.

Please forward incoming ticket to queue MS - System Setup/Termination (queue number 3000000059)


Procedure for customers:

With this document we advise you how to create a request/query by using prepared standardized templates. This document is containing the same information as you find in the Business Center via URL

 Our processes are standardized and please apply as follows

1 Find the text template in the document which suits your request

2 Create an case in your SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Cloud for Customer and SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense productive system of the type Service Request 

3 Use the specific short text in the case

4 Copy and paste the specific request template into the text body, fill in the details as suggested (variables are marked as "xxxxxxxx")

5 Send the case to the provider with priority MEDIUM, HIGH or VERY HIGH


The templates are in English only to avoid the translation into the English language. This helps us to answer you as quickly as possible. In case you have a request which is not covered in this document you may of course phrase it in your language. Allow us some delay for the translation. We will enhance the document with reoccurring service request.



All provided URL links to SAP resources require an access permission. This permission set is granted to Key Users.


Use Cases

Status System Provisioning


Getting information about the status of your systems:

-----------------------------Template Start – Do not copy ------------------------------------------------

short text: SCC_PROV – Please provide update on status of requested system

Dear SCC Team,

Provide us with an update on the status of our requested system:

The source system URL (production system) is xxxxxxxx

-----------------------------Template End – Do not copy ------------------------------------------------



Customer Provisioning Questions

For system provisioning related questions, e.g. how to request a test system, refer to the Business Center pages via
Then go to the FAQs that can be found on top of the page.

Further information about system provisioning processes can be found under  and



Decommissioning of Test System

There is a self-service provided in the Service Control Center work center to decommission test tenants, especially when you would like to have a new copy for test purposes. So you can manage your test systems by yourself.

If you want to terminate (decommission) a test system via case in order to request a new system. This is necessary if you have already an existing test system and you want to request a temporary additional one.

If you want to terminate (decommission) your existing productive system as it is not possible request termination of a productive system from the Service Control Center work center within the system itself.


-----------------------------Template Start – Do not copy ------------------------------------------------

short text: SCC_PROV – Decommission test system(s)

Incident Text:

Dear SCC Team,

Decommission the following test systems:

System URL xxxxxxxx

-----------------------------Template End – Do not copy ------------------------------------------------


Decommissioning of Production System


-----------------------------Template Start – Do not copy ------------------------------------------------

short text: SCC_PROV – Decommission productive system

Incident Text:

Dear SCC Team,

decommission the following productive system:

System URL xxxxxxxx

-----------------------------Template End – Do not copy ------------------------------------------------



Request Restore points

Refer to the Business Center pages via and


Reset Password

More information can be found on the top of the page within the FAQ. and





Changing Data Center and Maintenance Window

Find detailed information in the following link



-----------------------------Template Start – Do not copy ------------------------------------------------

short text: SCC_PROV – Please change data center and/or maintenance window

Incident Text:

Dear SCC Team,


Change data center and / or maintenance window based on the possible options described in for the following systems:

Customer Name:

Tenant(s) URL:

New Data Center: Choose one of the following

  • US data center
  • Germany data center for EMEA
  • Australian data center for APJ
  • Germany data center for APJ

New Maintenance Window: <Choose as per Wiki above, copy the according text segment into this request>

Further information and supplemental details can be found under the following link:

(Choose your region -> SAP Cloud Agreements)



Forward this case to BCP queue ‘MS - System Setup/Termination (queue number 3000000059)’


-----------------------------Template End – Do not copy ------------------------------------------------



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