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1850511 - How to Perform Adjustment Confirmation for a Warehouse Order Involving Two Step Shipping Process


You want to perform Adjustment Confirmation for a Warehouse Order with two step shipping process (Pick Task and Load Task).


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Reproducing the Issue



  1. Go to the Outbound Logistics work center.
  2. Select the Monitoring view and then the By Warehouse Order subview.
  3. Search for the relevant Warehouse Order ID. Select it and choose the Edit button.
  4. In the Warehouse Order screen, choose the button Adjustment Confirmation.
  5. In the Adjustment Confirmation for Warehouse Order screen select the line item with the operation type Load and choose the button Enable Entry.
  6. Select Split Quantities button and update the Quantity Difference field in the new split line item with minus of Planned Quantity e.g.: If the Planned Quantity is 10 ea, please update the Quantity Difference with -10 ea.
  7. In the same new split line item, change the Source Logistics Area to the Source Logistics Area which you used while confirming the Pick Task. [Note: the Source Logistics Area can be edited under General section] If you do not change the Source Logistics Area, then the stock will stay in the Staging Area i.e. the Logistics Area in which stock was moved to after Pick Task confirmation. Please note that you can only perform an Adjustment for a Load operation, and not for a Pick operation.
  8. Choose the Save button.
  9. The Adjustment Confirmation for the Warehouse Order will be completed once you have performed the above mentioned steps.

Remarks to serialized Product:
This process is also applicable if you have Confirmed a Serialized Item. Please note that in the case of Serialized Item, you cannot enter a negative Quantity Difference as mentioned in Step 6. You have to go to the Serial Numbers sub-tab and remove the Serial Numbers from there and save. This will allow you to cancel the Outbound Delivery. You can then do a Goods Movement to bring the relevant Material back to the Source Logistics Area of the Pick Task if you so wish.

In summary:

  1. Undo release the Outbound Delivery.
  2. Adjustment Confirmation (Warehouse Order):
    • If the product is serialized, enable entry and remove serial numbers. Do not split quantities.
    • If product is not serialized, enable entry, split quantities and change the Logistics Area in the new split line item to the Source Logistics Area of the Pick Task. You also have to enter in the Quantity Difference field the negative quantity of the Fulfilled Quantity. 
    • Save
  3. Create Goods Movement (Internal Logistics work center):
    • Move the serialized Product from the LOADING Bay back to the Source Logistics Area of the Pick Task. 

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