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1853925 - Posted Amount differs From Cost Amount of Service Confirmation


You notice that the cost amount of a Service Confirmation AAA and the posted amount in the corresponding Journal Entry BBB are different.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In the  Field Service and Repair workcenter navigate to the Service Confirmations view.
  2. Find the respective Service Confirmation and open it by clicking on the service confirmation ID.
  3. The cost amount is XX.
  4. Release the corresponding customer invoice request to post the customer invoice.
  5. The invoiced amount corresponds with the amount confirmed in the service confirmation.
  6. The invoice creation also triggered the creation of an internal service confirmation journal entry.
  7. You notice (i.e. in the document flow or a relevant report) that here the posted amount is different to the cost amount displayed in the service confirmation or the billed amount in the customer invoice.  


Accounting derives the amount to be posted for the internal service confirmation from the Actual Duration as maintained in the service confirmation. If there is a different duration listed than in the quantity column of the service confirmation or the customer invoice then the posted amount will be different.


If you do not want these items to be calculated you should leave the Actual Duration and Labor Resource fields empty in the service confirmation document.

To amend the service confirmation

  1. navigate to the Field Service and Repair workcenter and here to the Service Confirmations view.
  2. select the respective service confirmation and press Edit.
  3. In the service confirmation navigate to the Services and Spare Parts tab.
  4. Select the respective item.
  5. Now open the Time Reporting sub-tab.
  6. Here you can maintain (or not maintain) the Actual Duration field as well as the Labor Resource field.

If the service confirmation is already finished you need to cancel it:

  1. Open the service confirmation via Edit.
  2. Go to the General tab and maintain a Reason for Rejection.
  3. Press Save.

If you already released a customer invoice for the service confirmation you need to first cancel the customer invoice before the Reason for Rejection becomes editable.


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