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1854613 - Manual Payment Clearing - Posting Date Not Permitted - Posting Date Can't be Edited


After uploading bank statement X (X is the bank statement ID) a payment is allocated to supplier account XYZ (XYZ is the supplier account ID) containing the bank statement posting date DDMMYYYY. When trying to clear the payment against an invoice with a posting date DDMMYYYY-1, you receive the error: Posting date DDMMYYYY not permitted. The item to be cleared already has postings assigned to it with posting date DDMMYYYY +1. Enter a posting date equal to or after DDMMYYYY +1.
When trying to adjust the posting date of the manual clearing you notice that the field Posting Date is not editable.

For example:

An uploaded bank statement has the posting date 13.02.2013. Both payment allocation and payment clearing in status In preparation have the posting date 13.02.0213. In the manual payment clearing an invoice with the posting date 01.02.0213 shall be cleared. You receive the error: Posting date 13.02.2013 not permitted. The item to be cleared already has postings assigned to it with posting date 25.02.2013. Enter a posting date equal to or after 25.02.2013.


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Reproducing the Issue

You can enter the manual payment clearing directly by entering the Payables work center and navigating to the
Payment Clearing View.

You can also access the payment clearing via the uploaded bank statement.

1. Go to Liquidity Management work center and navigate to Bank Statements view.
2. Select the bank statement X. Since the payment is not cleared yet the value in field Postprocessing will be Required.
3. When following the link you can access the relevant transactions and the relevant clearing respectively.

Usually a corresponding task of type Review and Clear Bank Statement X/A (A is the Item ID of the bank statement) in the Closing Relevant Tasks view in the General Ledger work center will be generated from which the manual payment allocation is also accessible.


At least one of the to-be-cleared transaction has associated transactions with a posting date DDMMYYYY +1 (i.e. 25.02.2013).

Also refer to KBA: 1806279 - Error Message: 'Posting date must be after or the same as' in a payment allocation.

Since in this case the posting date of the payment clearing is already determined by the bank statement posting date, it is not possible to adjust the posting date in the manual payment clearing.


In case the posting date of the clearing cannot be modified you can create a payment on account and then clear the invoice in the Supplier Account Monitor.

  1. In the clearing grid of the manual payment clearing deselect the assigned invoice.
  2. Create an account payment by pressing the button Assign On Account Payment.
  3. In Payables work center navigate to the supplier account monitor and the Trade Payables tab.
  4. Highlight the candidate transactions and press Clear Manually.
  5. In the New Manual Clearing document, you can adjust the posting date to DDMMYYYY +1 (i.e. 25.02.2013) and successfully clear the involved transactions.


payment allocation. Zahlungszuordnung; "Buchungsdatum nicht zulässig. Dem auszugleichenden Posten sind bereits Buchungen mit dem Buchungsdatum und Belegnr. (Ausgleich) zugeordnet. Geben Sie ein Buchungsdatum ein, das am oder danach liegt."; Manual Payment Clearing; Posting Date Not Permitted; Posting Date Can't be Edited; , KBA , SRD-FIN-ACP , Payables , How To


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