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1855257 - How to Update/Enhance Details of Existing Supplier Master Data?


you have a requirement to update or Enhance some of the details of existing Supplier Master Data and would like to know possible ways to do that?


Option 1 (Manual method to update/enhance)

Manually updating or enhancing the Supplier Master Data one by one in the Suppliers view.

Option 2 (Excel Upload to update/enhance)

If the Supplier is uploaded using MS Excel, then it is possible to update and enhance only those Supplier using the Excel and the steps are as follows,

  1. Go to Business Partner Data or Supplier Base work center.
  2. Select Suppliers view.
  3. Select New button and choose Supplier form MS Excel.
  4. Update the Supplier ID and details which needs to updated.
  5. Save the Excel to Byd system.

Option 3 (Using Migration Template - Only Enhance)

it is also possible to Enhance the existing Supplier Master Data using Migration Template and the steps are as follows,

Step 1:

  1. Search in the Help Center section using the title Prepare for Data Migration in a Change Project and open the link.
  2. Expand Tasks section.
  3. Expand Fill migration templates section.
  4. Select Suppliers — Enhance Records in a Change Project link under section 3. Enhance already existing records:.
  5. Here you can find the details which can be enhanced using Migration Template.

Step 2:

  1. Download the Migration template for Suppliers from the Migration Suppliers activity.
  2. After upload, highlight the file and select Properties button.
  3. Select Advanced link and select Migration Mode as Enhance already existing records


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