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1856889 - Exchange Rate Difference for Migrated Open Items


You migrated open invoice items, i.e. open items payable with a currency other than the company currency.
Therefore, in the migration template you maintain the transaction amount in the original currency, e.g. USD. Additionally, you maintain the company currency amount (e.g. EUR) according to the exchange rate on the day of the migration.
You then maintain a payment in the system with a company currency amount corresponding to the company currency amount of the migrated open invoice item.
Later you want to clear the open invoice item with a payment but the system displays an error message: Balance of -XX,XX EUR* clearing not possible.
You expected that the system uses the migrated exchange rate but it used the current exchange rate that is valid on the day of the clearing.
*Company Currency

Reproducing the Issue

Migration of Open Items

  1. In the Business Configuration workcenter navigate to the Implementation Projects view.
  2. Select the First Implementation project and click Open Activity list.
  3. Go to the Integrate and Extend phase and open the activity Migration of Accounting Transaction Data.
  4. In the next window open Migrate accounting transaction data using the migration tool.
  5. Create a migration unit and upload your open items template (i.e. Open Items Payable).
  6. In the template you maintain the open invoice items in transaction currency (i.e. USD)  as well as the corresponding amount in company currency (i.e. EUR) according to the exchange rate that is valid on the day of migration.

Clearing of the migrated open invoice item (payable) and the payment

  1. In the Payables workcenter navigate to the Suppliers view and here to the Supplier Accounts subview.
  2. Select the respective supplier and click View. Automatically you are navigated to the Trade Payables - Invoices/Payments tab.
  3. Here you select the migrated open invoice item or, alternatively, the corresponding payment and then press Clear Manually. The new clearing opens.
  4. You now match the migrated open invoice item with the payment. An error message appears: Balance of -XX,XX EUR* clearing not possible.
    *Company Currency


The system works as designed: When clearing (migrated) open items, the company currency amounts are always calculated with the exchange rate that is valid on the day of the clearing. It is not supported to use the company currency amounts that the open items were migrated with.


In order to clear the migrated open invoice item with the payment you need to apply a discount/credit with payment difference reason 97-Currency exchange rate differences:

  1. In the new clearing match the migrated open invoice item with the payment.
  2. Select the open invoice item and click Apply Discount or Credit.
  3. In the pop-up window maintain the difference amount.
  4. Then select the payment reason 97-Currency exchange rate differences.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The clearing can now be posted.


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