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1869140 - Incorrect approvers in tasks for Supplier Invoices


User can see two sets of approval tasks in Business Task Management.

One set with the correct approvers but a second one with different approvers which do not seem to follow the defined approval process.

Reproducing the Issue

Under Application and User Management/ Task distribution / Business Task Management

The user can see two tasks with types: Approval Process Definition and Supplier Invoice

For the first task, approvers are as expected.

For the second, the list of approvers is different and the user does not know how these are determined.


There are two sets of approval processes at play:  The standard approval process and the stochastic approval process.

  • The standard approval process is governed by the Approval Process rules as defined in the Supplier Invoice Approval Process in Application and User Management/ Task Distribution/ Approval Processes
  • The stochastic approval process creates random check tasks that come into play when supplier invoices go into exceptions (only for Price Variance, Quantity Variance, and Possible Duplicate) and the exceptions are accepted.
    Depending on the settings in Business Configuration, such approval tasks will be created which will be sent to a set responsible as an additional security.

Prerequisites for these random checks are :

  • Answering the scoping question Under Invoice Exception Processing: "Do you require a random check of supplier invoices with accepted exceptions?" as Yes.
  • Configuring the Fine tune activity: Random Invoice Check with the percentage of invoices that should go for approval.

Responsibles : At the moment, the responsible for such tasks cannot be configured as it is hard coded. The manager of the invoicing unit assigned to the Supplier Invoice has to approve. In case no approver is defined in that way, the reporting line manager of the employee responsible for the Supplier Invoice is the approver.

Note that from release 1305, the stochastic approval will be added in the MultiStepApproval, so it will be possible to configure it there and define a responsible for this task as well.


If such random additional checks are not required then the scoping question should be disabled.

For more information, see the Help document : "Configuration: Random Invoice Check"


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