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1869419 - Unable to Select Multiple Companies in <XXX> Financial Reports


You want to select multiple companies for Company ID field in <XXX> financial reports.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Analytics work center.
  2. Go to Report view and click on the List option.
  3. Open and run the involved <XXX> financial report in web browser.
  4. Move the Company ID field from Not currently shown section to the report.
  5. Here, you wish to select multiple companies for the Company ID field.


The data in these reports will depends upon the set of books. The restrictions have been made to make sure that the same Set of Books are available. The fiscal year variant is defined per set of books and if the fiscal year variant is different for two set of books then report will not return inconsistent data as comparisons can not be made.

These restrictions have been set in SAP delivered reports to ensure that only single value for the field Company ID in financial reports are entered. The G/L or profit revenue generating reports are expected to show the results for only one company at a time.


This is designed functionality for most of financial reports such as G/L and profit revenue reports.

As these restrictions are designed in SAP delivered reports and not hard coded in the data source, workaround is available by which you can create a new report based on involved data source to have multiple company selection.

Please follow below mentioned for the workaround if companies are using same set of books:

  1. Go to Business Analytics work center and click on Design Reports view.
  2. Click on New button and select option Report.
  3. On the New Report Screen, give the name of the report and the data source you want to base the report on.
  4. Click on Next button to go next steps.
  5. Step 2: Select Key figures as required.
  6. Using Next button, go to Steps 3: Select Characteristics that you need to display in the report.
  7. Here, by clicking in the check box corresponding to characteristic name, you can select or deselect the characteristic as per your requirement.
  8. Clicking on next button, go to Step 4: Characteristic Properties.
  9. Here, as you would want to have field Company in the variable selection section to be able to select multiple companies, select Using variable from drop down of value selection column.
  10. In Step 5: Define Variables; as in previous tab, Company field has been set as variable, here you can choose the selection type to be Multiple Values. This will allows you to have multiple companies in the Company field in the report.
  11. Finish and save the report creation.

Now, when the new created report is run in the web browser, you will be able to select multiple companies in Company field.


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