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1876756 - Reconciliation Report Local Currency And Line Item Currency Not Matching / Transaction Currency Amount Missing


You are checking the reconciliation report. The amounts in local currency and line item currency don't match even though the currencies maintained are the same,


you are checking the Journal Entries and find the Transaction Currency field is not filled after posting.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the General Ledger work center.
  2. In the Periodic Tasks view, select Reconciliation subview.
  3. Select any Reconciliation Report.
  4. Go to the General Ledger Tab in the report to see the Local Currency Amount and Line Item Amounts:

You observe that they are not matching although the currencies used are same,


  1. Go to the General Ledger work center and here to the Journal Entries view.
  2. Highlight a Journal Entry and press Edit.

 You observe that the Transaction Currency Amount is not displayed.


In several cases and from the business point of view it is possible to not report a Transaction Amount. For instance in postings related to fixed assets, inventory, production etc.  material movements or production processes are documented without an effect on the Profit and Loss statement.

If the transaction in real world, when it effects the Income Statement, amounts are to be documented (Invoice Postings for example) the Transaction currency amount is to be displayed in the Accounting Document/ Journal Entry. If the transaction 'only' documents quantities (material movements for instance), the Transaction Currency Amount will not be displayed in the Journal Entry.


System behavior is correct. For the following transaction types the transaction currency amount is not filled:

  • 301: Goods Receipt from Supplier
  • 302: Customer Return
  • 303: Goods Receipt from Production
  • 304: Goods Receipt without Reference
  • 305: Goods Receipt from Transit
  • 306: Return of Non consumed Goods
  • 309: Third Party Return
  • 341: Goods Issue for Customer
  • 342: Goods Issue to Transit
  • 343: Return to Supplier
  • 344: Goods Issue for Production
  • 345: Goods Issue for Consumption
  • 346: Goods Issue without Reference
  • 349: Goods Issue for Customer (Third Party)
  • 381: Goods Transfer
  • 403: Internal Service Confirmation
  • 501: Create/Change/Delete Purchase Order
  • 502: Create/Change/Delete Production Lot
  • 503: Create/Change/Delete Sales Order
  • 504: Create/Change/Delete Customer Return
  • 505: Create/Change/Delete Service Order
  • 506: Create/Change/Delete Service Contract
  • 507: Create/Change/Delete Service Confirmation
  • 508: Create/change/delete Service Request
  • 509: Create/Change/Delete Overhead Cost Proj.
  • 510: Create/Change/Delete Customer Complaint
  • 511: Create/Change/Delete Direct Cost Project
  • 512: Created/Changed/Del. Cust. Inv. Request
  • 604: Balance Carry forward
  • 605: Manual Depreciation of Fixed Asset
  • 606: Periodic Fixed Asset Valuation
  • 607: Manual Change of Material Cost
  • 608: Automatic Change of Material Cost
  • 609: Settlement of Asset under Construction
  • 610: Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt Clearing
  • 612: Work in Process Clearing
  • 617: Foreign Currency Remeasurement
  • 619: Change of Service Cost Rate
  • 620: Change of Resource Cost Rate
  • 623: Revenue Recognition
  • 635: Manual Planning
  • 640: Transfer Posting of Fixed Asset Balance
  • 641: Manual Revaluation of Fixed Asset
  • 642:Write-Up on Fixed Asset
  • 643: Manual Posting of Acquisition Costs
  • 644: Fixed Asset Retirement Without Revenue
  • 645: Transfer of Fixed Asset Values
  • 646: Retro Capitalization of Fixed Assets
  • 647: Transfer of Current-Year Acq Costs


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