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1879756 - Wrong Net Amount in Supplier Invoicing Line Item


The Net Amount displayed at the item level does not match the manually calculated amount (Net Price x Quantity).

Also, an error message is displayed when checking the invoice:

"Item x: The average net price y,yy EUR for 1 pc is less than the price y,yy EUR of purchase order z. Rounding differences are possible"

The same price appears in both sections of the error message.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Supplier Invoicing work center.
  2. Select Invoices and Credit Memos view.
  3. Show All Documents, type invoice number, click on Go.
  4. Select Edit.
  5. Click on View All.
  6. Select tab Items.
  7. Select item and check Net Price, Quantity and Net Amount.
  8. The Net Amount displayed does not match the manually calculated Net Amount obtained by multiplying the displayed Net Price by the displayed Quantity in the line item.


The perceived error in total amount is not due to an issue with the system but a display limitation and subsequent rounding. There is actually no miscalculation here.

The Net Price that appears in the invoice for the line item is in fact not the one that is used by the system to calculate the total net amount for this item.

The Net Price is actually calculated by the system by dividing the Open Net Amount by the Open Quantity for that item.
The Open Quantity and Net Amount values are themselves calculated by the system by using the original PO values and the values entered in the invoice.

Open quantity:

The system looks at the total quantity in the PO for the item and subtracts the quantities entered in the Invoices.

Net Amount:

The system looks at the net amount in the PO for the item then subtracts the entered invoiced amounts.

Unit Price:

The subsequent calculated unit price is obtained by dividing the two values (open net amount divided by the open quantity for that item)

Because only 2 decimals are available for currencies, the system can only display the first two decimal. The price appears rounded. So even though the calculated value might have many more decimals, only two will be shown in the Net Price field.
This is why you get the message : "Item y: The average net price y,yyEUR for 1 pc is less than the price y,yyEUR of purchase order z. Rounding differences are possible" when checking the invoice.

The message is also limited to two decimals so the two values are the same when actually one should be the true calculated price.

Effectively, the number you see on the screen in the Net Price field is not the price that was used to calculate the total invoiced net amount for that item. The real price has many more decimals as we saw above but this cannot be shown in the UI.

If you multiply this calculated price by the invoiced quantity you will get the displayed Net Amount.


Here is the logic behind this calculation.
Let's assume that one has a PO with more than 1 item and one is getting more than one delivery and more than one invoice for this PO. The price of particular invoices may differ from the PO price.
That does not matter as long as all invoices together stick to the agreed price. That is the reason why we do not check the price of the current invoice on its own but together with all existing invoices. That is also the reason why we always propose the open (for invoicing) quantity and value and not only the open quantity calculated with the PO price as this may lead to price variances in the current invoice if particular invoices already had price variances.


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