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1883137 - Approval Process for Purchasing Contracts Missing


Purchasing Contract is not listed as Approval Process in the work center Application and User Management.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the work center Application and User Management.
  2. Go to the view Task Distribution.
  3. Go to the sub-view Approval Processes.
  4. Purchasing Contract is not listed.


You have not scoped the question Do you use an approval process for purchasing contracts?, hence multi-step approval will be available for selection.


Kindly follow the below steps to resolve your issue,

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center and choose Implementation Projects view.
  2. Select your relevant project and choose Edit Project Scope.
  3. Navigate to Questions page.
  4. Expand the option business option Sourcing.
  5. Select and expand the business topic Sourcing and Contracting view and choose Purchasing Contracts sub-topic.
  6. Scope the question - Do you use an approval process for purchasing contracts?
  7. Finish Scoping.

See Also

Kindly note the logic determination for the purchasing contact approval

  1. By default, the system will send the approval task to Purchasing Unit manager assigned to the contract. 
  2. Once you have defined the Alternative Approver for Purchasing Contract , both the manager and alternative approver will receive approval tasks. Once one of the approvers has processed an approval task, the system completes the task and removes it from the worklist.
  3. If no purchasing unit is assigned to the contract, the task is only sent to alternative approver if employee work distribution is maintained for contract approval.
  4. In case no approver is defined in that way, the reporting line manager of the employee responsible for the Purchasing Contract is the approver.
  5. If none of the above are satisfied this will go to all employees who are assigned the Manager My Area work center and Strategic Purchasing view will get an approval task.


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