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1892990 - You Want to Clear the Inconsistency Caused by the Unintentional Addition of the Line Items Twice in different Service Orders


You want to clear the inconsistency caused by the unintentional addition of the line items added twice in two service orders.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Service Orders work center
  2. Create a New Service Order from Common Tasks.
  3. Add the account and other required details.
  4. Add 5 line items in the service order.
  5. Select the Submit button and choose Release to Service Execution.
  6. Again open the service order ABC created (ABC represents the ID of the service order).
  7. Select the Submit button and choose Confirm Service Execution.
  8. A new Service Confirmation screen will open.
  9. Add the required detail in the service confirmations screen and Release it.
  10. After the release of the service confirmation you have realized that you need to add 5 more items in the service order which is not possible anymore.
  11. Create a Follow-up service order of ABC.
  12. Add all the 5 items of the service order ABC in the new service order and also add the 5 new items required.

However you have now realized that with second service order, you will have added the 5 items twice (in service order ABC and DEF), which is not reuired and you want to know the further steps required to clear the inconsistency.


You have created a service order ABC and related service confirmation. Then you realized that you have additional items, so you have created a follow up service order of ABC i.e. service order DEF
where by mistake you have added the all the line items of service order ABC too.


In such situation you should cancel the duplicate line items added in the second service order DEF and do the second confirmation for the new items added in the service order DEF:

  1. Go to the Service Orders work center
  2. Go to the Service Order Processing view.
  3. Show All Orders and Find DEF (DEF represents the ID of the second service confirmation created).
  4. Edit the service order DEF and select the View All button.
  5. Go to the Service and Spare Parts tab.
  6. Select each duplicate items individually.
  7. Add the Reason for Rejection for each duplicate line item.
  8. Save the service order DEF.
  9. Open the service order DEF.
  10. Select the Submit button and choose Release to Service Execution.
  11. Again open the service order DEF.
  12. Select the Submit button and choose Confirm Service Execution.
  13. This will open the New Service Confirmation screen.
  14. Add the required details in the service confirmation and release it, this will release only the required items.


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