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1898236 - Liquidity KPI Issues


You might come across two types of issues related to Liquidity Key Performance Indicator, where in both cases, they also can be independent each other:

Issue 01:

  • Error message: you try to set the Liquidity KPI to Activated status in the system, in order to monitor this Financial Indicator, however you get the following error message when check the Activate box: ABAP Exception: Value '1[1]' for variable Forecast Profile is not valid.

Issue 02: 

  • Liquidity KPI does not show values: you consider incorrect the data shown in Liquidity KPI. In fact, the Liquidity indicator does not show any figure along the Time Series once the actual value shows null results in the Chart or Table.

Reproducing the Issue

Issue 01:

  • Go to Business Analytics Work Center.
  • Go to Design KPIs View.
  • Search by Liquidity.
  • Click on Activate button.

Issue  02:

  • Go to Corporate Performance Work Center.
  • Go to Key Performance Indicators View.
  • Select the Liquidity KPI in the Evaluation listed.
    • The dashboard right below does not show figures in the Chart or Table view.


Issue 01:

The issue occurs because a mandatory report is not scoped into the customer solution. The reason why the exception comes up is associated with a report that runs behind the Liquidity KPI, the KPI framework internally executes this report to get the required data.

Issue 02:

 The Liquidity indicator provides figures based on the Liquidity Forecast executed until the current point in time. If you did not perform a Liquidity Forecast in the last three months, the system will not have the corresponding data (which is evaluated by the Liquidity KPI) for the time horizon set, by standard, for this particular KPI.


Issue 01:

In order to have the report scoped and to resolve the Liquidity KPI, you might proceed as following:

  1. Go to Business Configuration Work Center.
  2. Go to Implementation Projects View.
  3. Click on Edit Project Scope.
  4. Jump to Step 4.
  5. Expand: Cash Flow Management | Payment and Liquidity Management.
  6. Select Cash and Liquidity.
  7. Check the 'In Scope' box for the Question: 'Do you run liquidity forecasts to monitor your future liquidity situation?'.
    • Save and apply the changes.

Issue 02:

In order to populate data in the Liquidity indicator, the recommendation to the customer is to create and then execute or schedule a new Liquidity Forecast Run, which creates a set of current data. After that, It is expected to see appropriate data in the Key Performance Indicators.

  1. Go to Liquidity Management Work Center.
  2. Go to Liquidity Forecast Run view.
  3. Click on New | Liquidity Forecast Run.


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