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1909599 - How to set the formula syntax used for a report using the .NET Report Document SDK


Legacy craxdrt RDC code is being converted to .NET ReportDocument object SDK but there does not seem to be an equivalent of the formula syntax property, for example:

CRAXDRT.Report.FormulaSyntax =crBasicSyntaxFormula


  • Crystal Reports 2011
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010


There is no equivalent functionality to do this at the report level. This can be done at the formula level using the RAS SDK.


This function demonstrates how to change the text and syntax of a particular formula field by name:

private void ChangeFormulaText(ISCDReportClientDocument reportClientDoc, string formulaName, string formulaText, CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.CrFormulaSyntaxEnum formulaSyntax)
            CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.FormulaField oldFormulaField;
            int oldFormulaFieldIndex;

            oldFormulaFieldIndex = reportClientDoc.DataDefinition.FormulaFields.Find(formulaName, CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.CrFieldDisplayNameTypeEnum.crFieldDisplayNameName, CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.CeLocale.ceLocaleUserDefault);
            oldFormulaField = (CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.FormulaField)reportClientDoc.DataDefinition.FormulaFields[oldFormulaFieldIndex].Clone(true);
            oldFormulaField.Text = formulaText;

            oldFormulaField.Syntax = formulaSyntax;

            reportClientDoc.DataDefController.FormulaFieldController.Modify((CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.FormulaField)reportClientDoc.DataDefinition.FormulaFields[oldFormulaFieldIndex], oldFormulaField);

And this can be called from the ReportDocument object like this:

ReportDocument rptDoc = new ReportDocument ();
rptDoc.Load ("c:/test/test.rpt");

ISCDReportClientDocument rptClientDoc = rptDoc.ReportClientDocument;
ChangeFormulaText (rptClientDoc, "test", "formula = 42", CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.CrFormulaSyntaxEnum.crFormulaSyntaxBasic);
crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = rptDoc;


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