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1910237 - How to Process Duplicated Bank Statements


One bank statement is required for Postprocessing, and it has the same items with another bank statement which has already been posted and allocated.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Liquidity Management work center, and select the Bank Statements view.
  2. Select the bank statement in question, and you can see that the value for Postprocessing is shown as Required.


The reason for the duplicate bank statement is that you first create and post a bank statement, and directly afterwards create the next bank statement. As the payment allocation run has not finished yet, and therefore the items of the first bank statement are not allocated yet, which are still selectable in the second step of the guided activity for creating bank statements.


To fix the issue, you have the following options:

  • To reverse the bank statement in question, but if there is at least one bank statement with a later date that has been already posted or uploaded and ready to be posted manually, you should reverse all the follow-up bank statements for the same bank account starting from the latest one.
  • The other option is to work on the payment allocations of bank statement in question, marking all the allocations as Returns, and posting the returns in new bank statement.
    1. Go to the Liquidity Management work center, and choose the Bank Statements view.
    2. View the bank statement in question.
    3. For each item, choose Required link under Postprocessing.
    4. In the upcoming Payment Allocation, choose View All.
    5. In the new screen, set the Return Reason as 9- Correction of duplicate entry, and then choose Mark As Return under Actions.
    6. Repeat the above steps for all items of the bank statement in question.
    7. After that, create a new manual bank statement on the same bank account.
    8. In the step Selected Items, you find for each outgoing check an entry with Payment Method being Incoming Return of an Outgoing Payment, select all these items.
    9. For the incoming checks or incoming bank transfers, go directly to bank statement step Create and Edit Items, for each incoming check or bank transfer, create an item with payment method Outgoing Return of an Incoming Payment and debit the amount of the incoming check/bank transfer.
    10. Then press Required link in the Postprocessing column.
    11. In the upcoming Payment Allocation screen, under the Payment Assignment tab, select the bank transfer/incoming check in the lower table, and press the Arrow Up button to add the item to the bank statement.
    12. After that, choose Save and Return.
    13. Post the bank statement.


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