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1913197 - How To Cancel Sales Order Created Via Intercompany Process


How to cancel a sales order created as a follow-up of a purchase order via intercompany process.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales Orders work center.
  2. Go to the Sales Orders view.
  3. Show All Orders and find XYZ (XYZ represents the ID of the sales order).
  4. Edit the sales order and select View All button.
  5. Go to the General tab.
  6. The Reason for Rejection field is grayed out.
  7. Now go to the Items tab.
  8. The Reason for Rejection field at item level is also grayed out.
  9. Hence there is no possibility to cancel the sales order.


The preceding purchase order is not yet canceled, hence it is not possible to cancel the sales order.

The prerequisites that have to be met to cancel a sales order created via purchase order, in the intercompany scenario are:

  1. The preceding purchase order should be canceled.
  2. The sales order should be consistent.


  • To cancel the purchase order ABC  (ABC represents the ID of the respective purchase order) the follow-up supplier invoice DEF (DEF represents the ID of the respective supplier invoice) needs to be canceled first as per the following steps:
    1. Go to the Purchase Requests and Orders work center.
    2. Go to the Purchase Orders view.
    3. Search for the ABC.
    4. Open the purchase order ABC and select the View All button.
    5. Go to the Document Flow tab and open the supplier invoice DEF.
    6. Select the Cancel Document button and Post the document.
    7. Close both supplier invoice DEF and purchase order ABC
  • After canceling the supplier invoice DEF the purchase order ABC can be canceled as follows:
    1. Open the purchase order ABC. 
    2. Select the Cancel Purchase Order button.
  • In case sales order XYZ is inconsistent please do the following before trying to cancel the document:
    1. Open sales order XYZ and select the View All button.
    2. Add mandatory details like Sales Unit, List Prices to make the document consistent.
    3. Save the sales order XYZ.
  • Now you can cancel sales order XYZ as per the following steps:
    1. Go to the Sales Orders work center into the Sales Orders view.
    2. Search for the sales order XYZ.
    3. Open sales order XYZ and select the View All button.
    4. Navigate to the General tab
    5. Add the Reason for Rejection.
    6. Save the sale order.

With above steps the sales order will be canceled.


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