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1915615 - Holding Company Above Other Existing Companies


Requirement: There are multiple companies as Org Structures and the requirement is to bring all of the under one holding company.


The approach to achieve the requirement will be to create a new org structure with only one org unit defined as a company.
Following that you could cut and paste the concerned companies under the newly created one.

Please note: We advise you to have all necessary checks on all the companies to ensure that they are free of inconsistencies, before performing the above below steps:

  1. Go to Organizational Management work center.
  2. Select the Edit button.
  3. Select the New button and select Org Structure.
  4. Provide appropriate name and ID, also flag the Company definition and provide the mandatory Main Address.
  5. Select the first company you want to move under the newly created Company.
  6. Select the small arrow (bottom-right) of the selected Org Unit to open its menu, select Edit Org Unit option, and select Cut.
  7. Select the newly created Org Unit.
  8. Drop-down the small arrow on it, select Edit Org Unit option, and Paste.
  9. Follow the same action for the remaining companies[Steps 5 through 8].
  10. Use the Check button to validate the Org Structure.
  11. Select Activate button to activate the changes.

Note: If the Check for Inconsistencies in the org structures is to throw any veto error, please note that you can look for existing solutions or workarounds Case Document yourself.  To do so:

  1. Select the Solution Search button from any case window. The Solution Search window opens.
  2. Enter key terms from the error messages and select Go.
  3. Check the displayed results and refine your search if necessary

 If no relevant case documents are found, kindly create a new case from the same screen where the error occurs, so that Support can investigate into it's cause.


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