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1937053 - Split Criteria in Customer Invoicing for India


An invoice request based on the same sales order cannot be combined into one invoice. The system splits the invoice into two invoices.

You have checked all criteria in case document 1500875 - Split Criteria in Customer Invoicing but all these do not apply. The only difference in the sales order based on this invoice request is the tax code for some line items. For example some line items have the tax code 536 -Dom.Sales-Goods(CST w/oCForm) and other line items have the tax code 531 - Dom. Sales - Goods (VAT).

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Select the Invoice Requests view.
  3. Select the respective Invoice Requests which are based on sales order XYZ (XYZ represents the number of the sales order).
  4. Press the Invoice button.
  5. In the New Invoice window the items are split into two invoices instead of combining them into one customer invoice as expected.


For India due to a legal requirement, products attracting CST would result in a document called bill of sale while products attracting VAT would result in a document called VAT invoices. Each of these documents need to be reported separately to the government. Therefore, when invoicing the invoice request an invoice split occurs and the system will generate 2 separate invoices.


In case the tax code is incorrectly maintained in sales order XYZ, you can change the tax code in the sales order for the respective line item in the taxes sub tab. Once you have changed the tax code you need to Save the sales order. You can then invoice the invoice request in one customer invoice and the split will not occur.

If the tax code for the respective line items is correctly maintained in sales order XYZ you will need to invoice invoice request with 2 separate invoices as per legal requirement in India.


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