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1949073 - Higher Level Manager Showing Instead of Actual Manager


You have noticed that the system is displaying a higher level manager instead of actual manager for Employees

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to  Personnel Administration
  2. View Employees
  3. Find ABCD

You will see that the Manager displaying is incorrect


In Organizational Management, a reporting line unit represents an org unit that has personnel responsibility within the reporting line. If a manager is assigned to the reporting line unit, all employees on the org unit and below it report to that manager.

One should flag the org unit as a reporting line unit if one wants a manager of the org unit to be a personnel manager. A personnel manager is responsible for employees’ work center assignments, personnel-related tasks, and purchasing approvals.

If no manager is assigned to a reporting line unit, the manager assigned to the next reporting line unit above it in the org structure takes on the responsibilities of the personnel manager.

If one wants to find the Org Unit Manager, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Personnel Administration work center
  2. Select Employees view
  3. Search the Employee ABCD
  4. Select the link ABCD
  5. Select the link ABCD on upper left corner of the screen
  6. Select Show Employee in Organization Chart link under Organizational Data section

Here, you can find the respective Line manager and Reporting line manager.

**ABCD here refers to an employee for which one wishes to  see the manager.


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