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1952277 - Wrong Form Template or no Form Template is Picked While Previewing Any Business Document


  • You have created a Business Document (EX:Sales Order/Customer Invoice etc).
  • When you preview the document, the Preview is selecting an incorrect form template or no template is being picked.


SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Cloud for Customer

Reproducing the Issue

Example: Customer Invoice

  1. Open Customer Invoice Workcenter.
  2. Navigate to Invoice Documents.
  3. Select Invoice ID.
  4. Choose Preview.

User notice wrong Form Template or no Form Template is Picked while Previewing selected document.


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There are many reasons that may cause this issue, they are

Case 1:

When you open the document in the Output History, the preview is in Form Template XYZ but when you preview the same document, the preview is in Form Template ABC. (i.e.Here XYZ and ABC are Form Templates ID)

The cause for the issue could be, after you submitted the document there might be a change in the Form Template or the Rule to pick the form template. In this case, the preview will always picks the form which suffices the current rule.

Case 2:

You might have maintained the rule for the Form Template (Form Template Selection) in such a way that, for a particular Org Unit (Ex: sales unit), this Form Template should be picked and for other Org Units different Form template.

Check the Rule for the Form Template in Form Template Selection view (Application and User Management work center) and correct the rule if applicable.

Note: You can manually change the template via Edit Output Settings but that would only be applicable for that document only, if you again check the Preview or Sends Confirmation to Account then it will pick the template based on the Form template rule defined.

Case 3:

You have maintained a empty Rule (without any parameter checked) in Form Template Selection. In this case, this Template will be picked always inspite any rule that set below this Template rule.

Case 4:

The Form Template is picked based on the Tax Country maintained in the document. So, check the Tax Country maintained in the document and if required create a new Form template if there is no Form template for that particular country variant.

In principle, The Form Template is picked in the document preview based on the Country Variant and Language, and the country variant is based on the Tax Country.



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