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1967878 - Shopping Cart Approval is Bypassed


You set up an approval process for shopping carts and created a cart which matches the conditions.

A suitable approver is correctly configured.

As a result, you expect approval to take place.

Approval is bypassed and the shopping cart is ordered directly.

Reproducing the Issue

No approval task can be found in Business Task Management for the shopping cart.

Approval is not triggered at all instead of being assigned to the expected approver.


It is no longer possible for a user to approve their own carts.
The system has been enhanced to prevent this and now automatically checks if the determined approver is also either requestor, recipient or creator of the cart and filtering them out of the approval process if they are.

As a result, if no other responsible is determined, the approval task remains unassigned.

But if you selected the "Automatic Approval" flag in the approval process, then approval will be bypassed altogether and no approval task will even be created.


If you want the approval to take place, then you must make sure that either:

  • The sole approver is neither requestor, recipient or creator of the cart.
  • There are other approvers determined so the task can still be processed by them. (via the configuration of multiple responsible or substitution rule setup)
  • Removing the "Automatic Approval" flag will ensure that at least approval is not bypassed but that at least an unassigned task is created in the case where no additional approver can be found.


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