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1984961 - How to change connection details Query with SQL in Lumira Desktop?


  • How to point a Lumira Desktop document based on a “Query with SQL” connection to a different database server of the same type?
  • How to modify a Lumira Desktop document connection details based on a “Query with SQL” in order to change database name, hostname, IP or port?


  • SAP Lumira Desktop 1.31
  • SAP Lumira Desktop Query with SQL data access extension and supported database

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open Lumira Desktop
  2. Create a document using a “Query with SQL” connection
  3. Create a visualization from the dataset
  4. Create a story from the visualization
  5. Repoint the document at a different database server of the same type


  • Promoting documents and repointing from DEV/QA to PROD systems
  • Database name, server hostname or port have been modified



As of Lumira Desktop 1.31, connection details such as database name, server host name and port can be modified in the 'Connections' tab of Lumira Desktop.




The following resolution involves editing the hosts system file. Editing the hosts system file incorrectly can cause serious problems so please do so at your own risk. It is strongly advised that you make a backup copy of the hosts system file before you edit it.

If your Development database server host is "devdata" and your Production database server host is "proddata" then do the following.

On your Development machine where you are using Lumira Desktop:
1) Open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts
2) Add an entry which maps host "proddata" to the ip address of "devdata"
3) Start Lumira and create your Datasets from "proddata" which will actually connect to "devdata"
4) When you want to test with the real "proddata" comment out the hosts file entry and restart Lumira Desktop
5) When you send the LUMS file to a user that has not edited their C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts they will automatically connect to "proddata"

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