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1988014 - Manual Clearing of Bank Statement Item Cannot be Done


You create a bank statement, in the third step, you add an incoming bank transfer item, and assign it to one customer, and get it cleared. Later on, you find out this incoming payment should have been assigned to another customer. You then reset the clearing of the wrong customer, edit the manual clearing, and try to clear the bank statement item with open items from the correct customer. But when you do the clearing, the system gives error message: posting date DD.MM.YYYY is not permitted,the item has assigned posting to posting date DD+X.MM.YYYY. 

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Liquidity Management work center, choose the Bank Statements view.
  2. Open the bank statement in question.
  3. For the concerned item, choose the Required link.
  4. In the Manual Clearing screen, under General tab, navigate to the Open Items table.
  5. Choose Remove Account under Accounts to get rid of the wrong customer account.
  6. Then choose Add Account to add the correct customer account.
  7. After that, choose Assign On Account Payment to assign all the incoming payment to the correct customer account.
  8. At the top of the screen, choose Clear.

The system then gives the error message mentioned above.


When resetting the clearing with the wrong customer account, you change the posting date from the original posting date (DD.MM.YYYY) to a later date (DD+X.MM.YYYY) on which you reset the clearing. So after you change the account assignment, and try to post the clearing on the original date, it's then not possible. 


When you reset the clearing, the posting date should be set as the same date of the original posting date of the bank statement. Now in order to successfully clear the incoming bank transfer payment to the right customer account, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, check the Document Flow of the manual clearing.
  2. Edit the payment allocation on the document flow which allocates the payment to the wrong customer account.
  3. Reverse the payment allocation.
  4. In the new payment allocation, change the Posting Date to to the date when you reset the clearing, in this case, it's DD+X.MM.YYYY.
  5. Also under Customer/Supplier tab, change the customer account to the correct one.
  6. Choose Post.

You should now be able to post the payment allocation.


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