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1988314 - Upload not allowed. Solution is developed for customer YYYYYYY.


When partner tries to Upload  the Customer Specific Solution to the Customer Test/Productive tenant system displays an error message as Upload not allowed. Solution is developed for customer YYYYYYY. (YYYYYYY represents SAPReferenceSystem ID for EX: 1234567)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to BYD STUDIO with the customer tenant details .
  2. Enter the URL of Customer tenant.
  3. Go to  Administration --> Implementation Manager toolbar.
  4. Choose the  Upload button and  choose  the zip file Customer Specific Solution YABC (YABC represents the customer specific solution which is created in the assemble and download step), An upload disclaimer appears.
  5. Agree to the terms of the upload disclaimer and click Continue.
  6. The system unpacks the .zip file into the production tenant During the upload process, the system runs compatibility checks on the solution to ensure the following: The tenant where you develop your solution and the tenant where you upload your solution must be on the same release and should contain the same Customer ID if not the system will throw an error message as the system throws an error message “Upload not allowed. Solution is developed for customer YYYYYYY."


 The system will not allow to upload a Customer Specific Solution that was implemented for a specific customer YYYYYYY to the tenant of another customer XXXXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXXXX represents customer ID for EX: 0012345678). To solve the problem a New Customer Specific Solution has to be implemented for the specific customer with the  specific customer ID XXXXXXXXXX and you can copy the source code from the existing solution.

There is no way to do a migration of the existing solutions developed for customer YYYYYYY to your current customer XXXXXXXXXX, since the Customer Name is used to generate the Customer Specific Solution name.

 Note : If the partner is new, he is not aware of Customer ID's, while creating the customer specific solution then system shows the default SAPReferenceSystem ID available in the partner system. If he tries to upload the solution to the customer tenant they will come across this error message “Upload not allowed. Solution is developed for customer YYYYYYY ”and they will ask us How to change or remove the customer ID and how to create the new Customer.

Steps to create the Customer Specific Solution with specific customer ID.

1. After Log On to the Partner Development Tenant via ByD Studio you need to switch to the customer for which the solution should be developed.

01_Switch Customer.png

2. As this is your first Customer-Specific Solution in the Partner Development Tenant the Customer needs to be created first.


3. A Customer-Specific Solution can only be uploaded in tenants of a customer for which the solution has been developed. During Solution Upload in a Customer Tenant the Customer ID of the solution and of the tenant are compared. Therefore it is required to fill the right Customer ID into the field Customer ID, if the solution should be uploaded into a customer tenant. If the Customer created in ByD studio is only used for test reasons, any value can be used but make sure not to use a real Customer ID.


4. Now you need to switch to the Customer you just created.


5. Switching a Customer requires you to Log Off and Log On again to ByD Studio.


6. After the new Log On a new Customer-Specific Solution can be created for that specific customer.



SAP ByD Studio works as designed.



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