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1988515 - Automatic Payment Allocation After Posting Manual Bank Statement Throws Error Message 'Business Partner Missing'


  • You create a manual Bank Statement. You maintain the Payment Methods and the Customer/Supplier references to the Open Documents. After posting, the items of the Bank Statement still show as Postprocessing Required. You need to conduct the Payment Allocations manually.
  • You get also an error message 'Business Partner missing' in the Payment Allocation itself.


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Reproducing the Issue

You create the Bank Statement in the Liquidity Management Work Center.

  1. Go to the Bank Statements view.
  2. Click New and choose Bank Statement.
  3. Maintain a Bank Account, a Date and the Balances.
  4. In step 2 Select Items assign the Open Payments.
  5. In step 3 Create and Edit Items maintain the Payment Transactions.
  6. Post the Bank Statement.
  7. Access the Payment Allocation via the column Postprocessing in the posted Bank Statement. Alternatively you can see it in the Payment Management Work Center - Payment Allocation View.

You can see an Error Message: 'Business Partner missing'.


The Conditions for an automatic Payment Allocation are not met. You can see this in the following example:

Outgoing Bank Transfer:

  1. You create a Payment XYZ of the type Outgoing Bank Transfer via a Payables Payment run (where XYZ is the Payment). This Payment is in status In Transfer.
  2. You confirm the Payment in a manual Bank Statement and you assign it in step 2 Select Items.
  3. In step 3 Create and Edit Items you choose the Payment Method Other Outgoing Payments.

An automatic Payment Allocation does not happen since the Payment Method in the Payment and in the Bank Statement differ. The Payment XYZ has the Bank Account ABC (where ABC represents the first Bank Account). But the Bank Statement has the Bank Account DEF (where DEF represents the second Bank Account). The system does not conduct an automatic Payment Allocation and shows an error message since both Bank Accounts are different.


  • The Bank Account Data in the existing Payment and in the Bank Statement Transaction need to be the same. 
  • The Payment Method in the Bank Statement has to match the Payment Method assigned in the existing Payment.

Step A:

  1. Go to the Liquidity Management Work Center.
  2. Go to the Payment Monitor View.
  3. Show All Payments, find Payment XYZ and press Edit.

Here you can see the Payment Method JKL (where JKL is the Payment Method). You can see as well Bank Account ABC.

Step B:

  1. Go to the Payment Management Work Center.
  2. Go to the Payment Allocations View.
  3. Search for the Payment Allocation XXX (where XXX is the Payment Allocation) and open it.
  4. Maintain the Payment Method JKL which has to match the Payment Method JKL from the Payment in Step A.
  5. Under Bank Account the same Bank Account ABC as in Step A has to be maintained.

When you post the Payment Allocation you can see no error message anymore.


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