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1996556 - CRproc.exe child process crashes on startup after installing BI4.1 Explorer


  • CRProc.exe child process crashes on startup.  In the Windows Event Viewer, the following warning captures the crashed process.
Event ID: 35208
Source:  BusinessObjects_crproc
Details:  A subprocess in the processing serer was forced to terminate. (RCIRAS0622)
  • Scheduling a CR2013 doc succeeds, but attempting to view it in .rpt format fails with error:

The viewer could not process an event. There is no server available to process your request. Please try again later, or contact your system administrator if the problem persists. [RCIRAS0387] ---- Error Code:0 [CRWEB00000119]



SAP Business Intelligence 4.1 Support Pack 02

SAP Business Intelligence 4.1 Explorer Support Pack 02

Reproducing the Issue

At the time of this article, the exact steps to reproduce the issue are unknown.  What is written below are specifics on how to identify this issue and resolve it.


It has been determined that the BI 4.1 Explorer SP02 install triggers this problem.  It does not seem to happen on all systems and we're still working to identify the differences between a problematic system vs a working system. 

If you use Process Explorer to monitor the startup of the "Crystal Reports 2013 Processing Server", the parent process (crproc.exe) starts correctly but the child process starts & immediately crashes.  You can see the child appear with a green line and then immediately shut down (highlighted red) as shown below.


Because crproc.exe parent process starts correctly, the status in the Central Management Console (CMC) will show as started for the Crystal Reports 2013 Processing Server. However, when attempting to view a Crystal Report in .rpt format, the crproc.exe child process is responsible for processing the view request.  Since it is unable to start, the view request will fail with the error described above.

The crproc.exe crash as well as the view time error are due to a bad CMS InfoObject.  This InfoObject can be queried in Query Builder by issuing the following query:

SELECT * from CI_APPOBJECTS where SI_PROGID = "CrystalEnterprise.CRConfig"

In the results, look for a property bag named "SI_CR_SSO_DRIVERS".  If the SI_TOTAL does not equal the number of values in the property bag, this issue can occur.




To repair the property bag in the InfoObject, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the CMC with Administrator rights.
  2. Go to CMC > Applications > Crystal Reports Configuration
  3. Click on the Single Sign-On Options tab
  4. Add the items in the screenshot below to repopulate the property bag
  5. Run the query again in Query Builder to verify the values were added
  6. Restart the CR 2013 Processing Server



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