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2003571 - Signal 11 in buf_validate_mass_size() during online database - SAP ASE


  • Infected with 11 and stacktrace while executing online database
  • Stacktrace reported in the ASE error log:

kernel  Current process (0x619030d) infected with signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
kernel  Address 0x0000000080503520 (buf_validate_mass_size+0x20), siginfo (code, address) = (1,0x0000000000004e44)
kernel  **** Saved signal context (0x0000010032a443a0): ****
kernel  uc_flags: 0x2f, uc_link: 0x0
kernel  uc_sigmask: 0x126000 0x0 0x0 0x0
kernel  uc_stack: ss_sp: 0xffffffff7f800000, ss_size: 0x8388608, ss_flags: 0x0
kernel  General Registers (uc_mcontext.gregs):
kernel   PC : 0000000080503520 (buf_validate_mass_size+0x20)
kernel   Next PC : 0000000080503524 (buf_validate_mass_size+0x24)
kernel   CCR : 0000000000000011  Y : 0000000000000000
kernel   ASI : 0000000000000082  FPRS : 0000000000000007
kernel   g0 : 0000000000000000  g1 : 00000100b7615590  g2 : 00000100f313d720
kernel   g3 : 0000000000000003  g4 : 0000000000000004  g5 : 0004000000000000
kernel   g6 : 0000000000000000  g7 : ffffffff7c900240
kernel   o0 : 0000010032a45108  o1 : 0000000000000001  o2 : 0000000000040000
kernel   o3 : 0000000000000014  o4 : 0000000000000018  o5 : 00000100f313d5a0
kernel   o6 : 0000010032a43f81  o7 : 0000000080d89dc0
kernel  Windowed Registers (from stack frame 0000010032a44780):
kernel   l0 : 0000000000000000  l1 : 0000000000000092  l2 : 00000100f3145100
kernel   l3 : 0000000000000000  l4 : 0000000000008c00  l5 : 00000100f313c328
kernel   l6 : 0000000082814950  l7 : 0000000000004e44
kernel   i0 : 00000100f313d5a0  i1 : 000001029fffb6a8  i2 : 0000010032a449c8
kernel   i3 : 0000010032a449c4  i4 : 0000000000000010  i5 : 0000000000004c00
kernel   i6 : 0000010032a44041  i7 : 0000000080503d48
kernel   previous stack frame : 0000010032a44840
kernel  **** end of signal context ****
kernel  SQL causing error : online database xxxxxx

server  SQL Text: online database xxxxxx
kernel  curdb = 4 tempdb = 15 pstat = 0x11000 p2stat = 0x40101000
kernel  p3stat = 0x800 p4stat = 0x0 p5stat = 0x8 p6stat = 0x8000010 p7stat = 0x10000
kernel  lasterror = 0 preverror = 3101 transtate = 1
kernel  curcmd = 260 program =                     
kernel  extended error information: hostname: <Hostname> login: tlogin
kernel  pc: 0x0000000081554d9c pcstkwalk+0x18
kernel  pc: 0x0000000081554be4 ucstkgentrace+0x23c
kernel  pc: 0x0000000081550fc4 ucbacktrace+0xd0
kernel  pc: 0x00000000807f86c8 terminate_process+0x172c
kernel  pc: 0x000000008159d778 kisignal+0x438
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080503520 buf_validate_mass_size+0x20
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080503d48 bufgrab+0x148
kernel  pc: 0x00000000803fb124 getpage_with_validation+0x564
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080527250 getpage__noscan+0x90
kernel  pc: 0x000000008064995c anch__getpage+0x3c
kernel  pc: 0x00000000806498e4 anch_getpage_inscan+0x44
kernel  pc: 0x000000008050d33c anch_getnext+0x5c
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080e4df20 anch_locate+0x5c
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080d89dc0 dbinfo__install+0x38
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080d877e0 dbinfoget+0x1d0
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080d889f8 dbinfo_systabvers+0x84
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080db36bc des__init_systab_xlate+0x98
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080db4680 des_boot_sysdes_xlate+0x90
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080da35d8 des__init_base_tables+0xb0
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080da6190 des__bootsystables+0x1a4
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080da3f4c des_sysbuild+0x80
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080da3dc8 des_refreshall+0x24
kernel  pc: 0x0000000081404cb0 rec_onlinetime+0x7e0
kernel  pc: 0x00000000813cf948 onl_online_db+0x10b8
kernel  pc: 0x00000000813ce558 online_database+0x178
kernel  pc: 0x000000008046d30c _$o1cexjJ0.s_execute+0x728c
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080529e94 sequencer+0x414
kernel  pc: 0x0000000080841980 tdsrecv_language+0x2b4
kernel  pc: 0x000000008054d078 _$o1ceyaO0.conn_hdlr+0x178
kernel  end of stack trace, spid 20, kpid 102302477, suid 8



SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) All Versions


SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise all versions


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