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2006990 - How the "Lead Time" is Calculated in a Service Order


In some reports, you see the key figure Lead Time for a service order. You are wondering how this value is calculated.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open a report which contains the key figure Lead Time, for example a customized report based on the data source Service Order Header.
  2. Check the value in the Lead Time key figure.

You are wondering where this value comes from.


The lead time is the difference between the receipt time point of the service order and its completion time point.


For a service order, the receipt time point corresponds to the Reported on field.

The completion time point does not correspond to a particular field in the service order but it is set as soon as all items are delivered. You can check the Delivery Status of each item. This also means that if one item is cancelled and its delivery is not confirmed, the completion time point will not be set for this service order and the Lead Time key figure will show 0.

The lead time is the difference between the Reported on field and the completion time point.

For example:
For the service order ABC the receipt time point is 2013-11-20T09:30:23Z and the completion time point is 2013-11-20T13:24:45Z (this is the time stamp when the last item was set to Delivered). For calculating the lead time, we convert the time to a global date time format. So after conversion, the receipt time point is 20131120093023 and the completion time point is 20131120132445.
The difference between these two time stamps is 14062s, which is the lead time.


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