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2012100 - You are not able to Hand Over Freight Charges on Header Level of a Customer Invoice Request using Web ManageCustomerInvoiceRequestIn.


You are You are not able to hand over freight charges using Webservice  ManageCustomerInvoiceRequestIn  to the Header Level of a Customer Invoice Request.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. You are filling the XML for creating the Invoice Request in Business ByDesign system from external system.
  2. However the Web Manage Customer InvoiceRequestIn does not provide certain elements in the XML to carry the Freight Charges to Business ByDesign.



The customer invoice request web service does not allow you to add freights at the header level.


There is a workaround available to get freights at the header level

  1. Go to Product and Service Portfolio Work center.
  2. Select the Pricing view
  3. Click Freights view
  4. Click in the button New  and select Freight option.

 Here you can maintain freights for the document "Invoice" and this will be taken into account when you create invoice from the external customer invoice request.


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