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2015874 - Multiple Companies in Financial Reports


You are following the steps outlined in the case document <1869419 - Unable to Select Multiple Companies in <XXX> Financial Reports > to create a new financial report that enables the selection of multiple companies. However, after completing steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 as described, you find that in step 5 it is not possible to select the selection type Multiple Values.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Analytics work center and click on Design Reports view.
  2. Click on New button and select option Report.
  3. On the New Report Screen, give the name of the report and the data source you want to base the report on.
  4. In Step 2: Select Key Figures, you choose a Plan / Actual key figure since it is necessary for your report. 
  5. Using Next button, go to Steps 3: Select Characteristics and choose the characteristics that you need to display in the report.
  6. Clicking on Next button, go to Step 4: Characteristic Properties. Select Using Variable for the characteristic Company.
  7. In Step 5: Define Variables; you notice it is not possible to choose the selection type Multiple Values. Thus it is not possible to create a report which allows several companies to be selected.


As soon as you select a Plan/Actual key figure group, the report inherits the parameters defined therein. Those parameters do not allow the selection of several companies.


In order to define the multiple selection on the characteristic Company, you need to create the key figures Plan and Actual from scratch to replace the standard key figure group. To do so, please follow the following steps:

Create a new report as shown below (do not copy an existing report). Choose the data source for the report as FINGLAU04:



Select the Key Figure Amount Company Currency as shown below.



Additionally create two key figures – one for Plan Balance and one for Actual Balance. See screenshots below for step by step process.  Please note that the field Report Item Category decides whether it is Plan or Actual.

For Plan Balance, use the restriction as Report Item Category = 002 ( Plan )

For Actual Balance, use the restriction as Report Item Category = 001 ( Actual )






Select all three key figures, Amount Company Currency, Actual Balance and Plan Balance.



Select all Characteristics.



In the Characteristics Properties tab, select the properties as shown in the 4 screenshots below. The important properties to be maintained are highlighted. In Particular, choose Hierarchy as Using Variable for Balance Sheet and Income Statement Item. Additionally enter Fixed Value Restriction for Default for Plan/Actual Report as shown in the last screenshot.







In Define Variables tab, see the properties as highlighted in below 2 screenshots.  Additionally you could maintain default values as in the below example. Please note that there is a variable for Balance Sheet and Income Statement Item for hierarchy activation as defined in the previous step. Also, Financial Reporting Structure is required for the hierarchy for technical reasons. So you need to have both on the selection – Balance Sheet and Income Statement Item and Financial Reporting Structure.




Then finish the report as shown below.



Assign this report to appropriate work center views and run it from the assigned view. Enter the selections as shown below. In particular, as already explained above, you need to enter the Reporting Structure twice for technical reasons – one in Financial Reporting Structure ( Hierarchy ) and one in Financial Reporting Structure.  Also, enter 001 – Actual and 002-Plan in Report Item Category. You could also have added these as Fixed Value Restrictions. Additionally enter Fiscal Year Variant, Chart of Accounts , Set of Books, Multiple Companies and the fiscal year and periods.




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