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2018414 - Postings not Permitted For Project Task XYZ


While posting the Receipt Cancellation system displays an error message Postings not Permitted For Project Task XYZ.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Goods and Services Receipts work center.
  2. Choose Receipts and Returns view.
  3. Choose the Receipt Cancelation ABC.
  4. Choose Edit button.
  5. Now choose Post button, the system will display the above error message.


Whenever Service Agent cancels the Time Confirmation or Expense Report the system will post the Goods and Service Cancelation automatically to cancel the Goods and Service Receipt. But sometimes the Receipt Cancelation will not be posted automatically if the relevant Project Task with ID XYZ is Closed.


You need to revoke completion of the Project Task XYZ status back to Released then post the Receipt Cancelation.

Follow steps mentioned below to revoke completion of the Project task XYZ status back to Released. This action needs to be performed by Project Manager.

  1. Go to Project Management work center.
  2. Choose Projects View.
  3. Choose Projects sub view.
  4. Choose Project XYZ.
  5. Choose Edit --> Project Plan Button.
  6. Choose the Project Task XYZ.
  7. Go to Basic Data tab.
  8. Go to Project Task Status value help choose the Revoke Closure and Revoke Completion and Save.


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