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2018636 - How to prevent users from creating Purchase Orders for Blocked Suppliers


You have changed the status of the supplier ABC to Blocked, however you are still able to enter its ID when creating a purchase order.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Purchase Requests and Orders work center
  2. Select the common task New Purchase Order
  3. Enter the supplier ABC
  4. You receive the warning message Party Seller with ID ABC blocked, however since it is a warning message, you are still able to post the document.


This is an expected system behavior. Even setting the status of a supplier as Blocked, the system still allows the users to create documents with inconsistent status.


To prevent the users from creating purchase orders for determined supplier, you need check the box Purchasing Blocked in its master data.

  1. Go to Supplier Base work center
  2. Go to Suppliers view
  3. Select the supplier ABC
  4. Select the option Edit and then Purchasing
  5. Check the box Purchasing Blocked
  6. Save the changes

Now, the users of the system will not be able to post purchase orders using the supplier ABC.

Note that this change will not prevent the user from entering the supplier when creating a supplier invoice. If the box is checked but the supplier's status is still Active, the supplier invoice can be posted.

To prevent users from posting purchase orders and supplier invoices, you need to change the status of the supplier to Blocked and check the box Purchasing Blocked.

You can also change the status of the supplier to Obsolete.

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