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2024054 - Bank Directories Simulation Keep Showing 25% Progress for Long Time


When you are migrating Bank Directories, Import Simulation keeps showing 25% progress even after an hour or a day

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center
  2. Select Implementation Projects view or Overview.
  3. Search and Open the migration activity for Bank Directories
  4. Execute Migration for the respective Migration File


The cause for the issue could be,

  1. The data of Bank Directories in template lead to endless loop.
  2. ROOT may not be entered in the template since the node ROOT will be created by the system automatically.
  3. Bank Directory IDs should be created as parent itself on the first level, that means the field Parent Bank Directory ID must be initial and may not be filled with its own Bank Directory ID. For Example, your root hierarchy is Bank Directory ID 1 then the information in the Template should be filled as Bank Directory ID: 1 and Parent Bank Directory ID should left empty.
  4. If you are creating a Bank Directory A which is the child of Root then do not enter any value in the Parent Bank Directory ID.
  5. If you are creating a Bank Directory X which is a child of another Bank Directory Y then make sure that Bank Directory is already entered in the Template.
  6. if you are creating a Bank Directory X which is a child of another Bank Directory Y then that ID should be maintained in the field Parent Bank Directory ID.


Please report an case to SAP with your approval to cancel the Stuck Bank Directories migration.

Then you can correct the data in the Migration Template for Bank Directories as above and Execute the Migration.


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