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2028170 - Error Message: Home Currency XXX for Credit Card YYYY (Employee ABC) is not allowed. Please Contact the Credit Card issuer regarding Transaction ZZZZ


When the Credit Card feeds are imported to your Cloud for Travel and expense system, few transactions fail with the error message, Home currency XXX for credit card YYYY (Employee ABC) is not allowed. Please contact the credit card issuer regarding transaction ZZZZ.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Travel Admin work center.
  2. Go to the Credit Cards view.
  3. Go to the Feed Monitoring sub view.
  4. Search for Not successfully imported credit card feeds.

You see few feeds failed with the above error message.


Credit Card transactions can be paid in any currency. In Cloud for Travel and Expense, this amount is called  Amount in transaction currency, Amount in expense currency.

Within the credit card files these amounts are often called local amount. However, each credit card account has one defined billed currency (in Cloud for Travel and Expense this currency is called Home Currency).

The credit card provider converts all amounts that were paid in a foreign currency to the billed currency because the account is always settled in the billed currency (you can find both amounts/currencies in any credit card statement).

If this billed currency does not match the home currency of the employee, then the feed fails with this error.

You can check the home currency by checking the Country of Employment of the employee ABC.

  1. Go to the Cockpit work center.
  2. Click on the link Active Employees under Display.
  3. Search for Employee ABC and check the Country of Employment.


As per standard system behavior of Cloud for Travel and Expense solution the transactions should always be in the home currency of the Employee.

Feature will be available in one of the next release of Cloud for Travel and Expense solution.


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