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2040301 - Warning Message During KPI Creation


As an analytics administrator you create a new KPI and select a report along with an amount type key figure XYZ. When selecting the key figure a warning message is displayed:

Currency for key figure XYZ cannot be converted and will be used as is

You want to understand the meaning of this warning message.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. You go to the Business Analytics work center.
  2. You go to the Design KPIs view.
  3. You select New.
  4. On the New Key Performance Indicator screen in the General tab select a report and a key figure in the Current Value area.

If the key figure you selected is of type monetary amount you may get above warning message.


The warning message is displayed when the selected key figure does not have any currency conversions maintained. There is a check in the KPI for any currency conversions in the report. When these are missing the warning message is displayed.


There are three possible solutions:

  1. You understand why the warning message is thrown according to the previous explanation and would like to ignore it. In this case you just leave everything in the KPI as it is. Then the currency unit code of the default currency will be displayed for this key figure.
  2. If this is a KUT field created as Key Figure and added to report.
    Then you need to create a key figure out of this KUT field and add the same in data source and further to report.
  3. You want to maintain currency conversions for the key figures in order to get rid of the warning messages:
  • If it is a customized key figure you can go to the Business Analytics work center, Design Key Figures view and select your key figure. Open the key figure wizard (Edit button). Proceed to step 3. Select Conversion Type = Currency Conversion
  • If it is a standard key figure delivered by SAP you cannot edit it. Hence you need to create a new key figure based on the standard key figure in the Business Analytics work center, Design Key Figures view. Open the key figure wizard (New button). In step 1 select the standard key figure XYZ. Proceed to step 3. Select Conversion Type = Currency Conversion. Use your new key figure in your KPI instead of the standard key figure.


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