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2052600 - Supplier Invoice Approval Task Unassigned


You have created a supplier invoice and it went for approval based on the approval rules that you set in Application and User Management work center. However the supplier invoice approval task is unassigned and determine assignment button did not work and leads to below application log.

  • Use action "Assign Item" to manually assign a responsible to the task.
  • Task belongs to parallel approval step, where all approvers are required.
  • Determination of assignments for such task not possible.
  • Use action "Assign Item" to manually assign a responsible to the task.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Supplier Invoicing work center.
  2. Go to the Invoice Entry view.
  3. Select the relevant Purchase Order.
  4. Select New Invoice and fill the mandatory details.
  5. Select Post and invoice went for approval.
  6. Now go the Application and User Management work center.
  7. Go to the Task Distribution view.
  8. Select the Business Task Management view.
  9. Select Unassigned Tasks and select Determine Assignment button.
  10. Leads to above application log.


The issue is caused by the Flag All approvals required that you have setup in the Approval process. If such a flag is set in an applicable step, multiple tasks are created, one for each responsible that has been determined, so that an explicit individual approval from all responsible is required. The issue arises if no responsible are determined when the tasks are created. In that case only a single inconsistent task without any responsible is created which then needs to be manually assigned to a responsible. The affected supplier invoice is assigned to account assignment type (Cost center, Project task etc.) and relevant approver does not have sufficient authorizations to the work center view MMA_SUPPLIERINVOICING. Additionally the user is not assigned to any Org Unit or Company.

Note that if you had the Automatic Approval flag, the approval would have been bypassed in this case.


In these case of approvals, if you select the "Automatic Approval" flag, the approval would have been bypassed. Always make sure the person responsible has sufficient authorizations, else task gets unassigned. In order to Post this supplier invoice, assign the person responsible to the work center view MMA_SUPPLIERINVOICING and then use Action -> "Assign Item" to manually assign a responsible to the task.


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