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2058354 - Advanced Query Search for Postal Code isn’t Working as Expected


When you try to query Accounts Using Postal Code, system is displaying Accounts which doesn’t have any address with that Postal Code.

And also, when you give a range for Postal Code, the result is not as expected.

For Example:

Entering the range from 1000 to 39999.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Account Management work center
  2. Select Accounts view
  3. Select Advanced
  4. Enter a range X – Y in Postal code field
  5. Select Go button


The query which is set for Postal Code for Accounts checks all the Account Address which has that Postal Code. But this will not check whether it is a Postal Code of a Main Address or from any other Address

For Example, if an Account has multiple address and one of an Account (not a main) has this Postal Code, the search will still fetch this Account.


This is expected system behavior.

There are two possible ways to fetch the expected result:

1. Selecting Postal Code as a range, for example between 1000 to 39999. Postal code format is different for different countries and some counties has alphanumeric nomenclature as well (like Poland).

Since Postal code is a generic field and must support all counties this field is alphanumeric hence range comparison will not work.

2. Selecting Postal Code using filter. Without clicking Advanced, you can select the filter icon and input the Postal code to filter and you can use wildcard (*) wisely here. For Example: if you need to find all the postal code that starts with 1 then you can enter 1* and select enter.

Note: The same cause and solution is applicable for Country field in Address.


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