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2068637 - Participants - Adding or Removing 360 Participants - 360 Multi-Rater


This article explains how to add or remove 360 Participants/Raters on the 360 Multi Rater Review.


SAP SuccessFactors 360 Multi-Rater


Instructions for Adding / Removing participants:

  1. To add or remove participants, click on the “Modify Participants” button in the Participant List Section of a 360 Review.
  2. Use the Search Criteria fields at the top of the Select Participant page. Enter your criteria and click on the “Search Users” button.
  3. The returned list will display on the page. From this list you can “Select All” people returned in the list, or select specific people by checking the box next to their name. Also, notice that you can scroll to more names by using the “Next >” and “Last >>” navigation links if your list contains more than 10.
  4. Once you have selected the individuals, click on the “Add to list” button to include them in the Participant list

    Note: if you check the boxes next to a person’s name and then click the “Ok” button, they won’t be added to the participant list. You need to click on the “Add to list” button in order for them to be added.

  5. When the “Select Participant(s) list is complete and contains all the people you want to participate, click on the “OK” button to return to the form and the Participant List Section
  6. In the Participant List Section, you will now see the new people you added to participate. From this page you can use the “Category” drop down box to select the appropriate category for the new participants. Once you have selected the Category, save the page and you can now send the form out to the participants.

    Participant Categories: You can now update the Participant Category for any Participant during a 360 Review event directly from Admin Tools, meaning now when a Participant's relationship with the person being reviewed changes, you can update that Participant's role during the review event.To do so, first make sure you have permission to do this activity. Grant the permission in RBP. Go to Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > [Select the Role] > Permission... > Under Manage Documents, select the Change Participant Category checkbox. Then when you want to make the changes, go to Admin Center > Change Participant Category. (MTR-1398)

  7. To remove a participant from the list, click on the “Modify Participants” button and click on the in the Action column for the person you want to remove.
  8. To clear the entire list of participants and start over, click on the “Clear list” button. This will remove anyone that you have permission to remove from the participant list. It will move the entire list into the Search list so you are able to select specific ones to add back, add new people, or select all and add them all back again.

In addition to the change in adding and removing participants, you can sort participants by any column in the Participant List, such as Full Name, Email, Department, Division.

Enable Add New Participants after 360 Evaluation starts

  • This option is on your form template settings. Go to Admin Center > Form Template Settings > [Select your 360 template] > Enable Add New Participants after 360 Evaluation starts > select desired roles that can add participants.
  • This allows the permissioned roles to add more reviewers after the evaluation phase has begun. You might want to add reviewers after the evaluation has already started to replace users who declined to evaluate the form, or to create a more balanced sample of users.
  • By default, you can only add reviewers when you're still modifying the form, and before the form is distributed for evaluation.
  • When you select this option, you're allowing the permissioned roles to continue to add reviewers during the entire evaluation phase.
  • This change applies to existing forms as well as newly created forms

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