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2069189 - Reports - Detailed 360 Report - Explanation of "rank" in the 360 Graphical Summary Review - 360 Multi Rater


  • Within the Detailed 360 report, what is the "rank" in the 360 Graphical Summary Review?


  • 360 Multi Rater


Go to Admin Tools > 360 Form Template Settings > Select your template > Enable Rank View from Detailed 360 Report


  • In a 360 Graphical Summary Review, when you select the "rank" tick box at the top, the display within each section (not form-wide, but section-by-section) is redrawn so that the items (like competencies or objectives) are displayed in a different order. No scores are changed, but the order in which items are displayed is changed. That's the essence. Specifically, you will notice (if you think to look) that the legend near the top of the page now includes the words "rank by" above a column of radio buttons in front of each rater type. I believe the default rater type for ranking is "All", and you can change away from that default to rank by a different rater type, like "Manager" or "Peers".


  • Whichever rater type you have selected for "rank by", the system looks within the first section to find the item (competency or objective) with the highest rating from that rater type. That is displayed at the top of the section, and becomes "Rank 1.0" - the highest item in rank order in that section. Then the second highest ranked item is displayed, becoming "Rank 2.0". The third-highest comes next as "Rank 3.0", etc. If you have 12 items I the section, the last one displayed would be "Rank 12.0". The only tricky thing is that there is the possibility for ties in the rankings: two or more items can have raw score ratings that are the same. Wherever that is the case, the system treats those as "tied ranks" and reports the "average rank" for each of them.


  • That is most easily explained using a couple of examples: Example, the raw scores for place 2 and place 3 (2nd and 3rd highest) are tied; the average of place 2.0 and place 3.0 is 2.5, so both are reported as "rank 2.5". Example 2, the raw scores for place 2, place 3, and place 4 are tied at 3.1; the average of 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0 is 3.0, so all three are reported as "rank 3.0".


  • Remember, this ranking/display process is done separately within each section, and "Rank 1.0" is always the highest raw score. So every section will have a Rank 1.0 at the top (or two or more things tied for the top with a reported rank of 1.5 or 2.0 or 2.5, etc., depending on how many items were tied).


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