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2071969 - Copy From Other Goal Plan - How to copy goals - Goal Management


SuccessFactors Goal Management has the ability to enable "Copy Goal From Other Objective Plan". This feature is to allow a user to copy from their own goal plans, not from another person's plan.

By using this feature it's also possible to transfer a goal from one goal plan to another in a few simple steps.


SAP SuccessFactors Goal Management


  • This feature can be enabled via Admin Center > Goal Management Feature Settings/Objective Management Feature Settings > enable TGM/CDP Goals Transfer Wizard.
  • In case you do not see Goal Management Feature Settings in Admin Center, please refer to the KBA 2249577 to enable the functionality.
  • Please notice that this feature is enabled for the entire company, not to specific users only, and it permissions can be configured by role as needed RBP.

Once the setting is enabled the user will see a "Copy From My Other Goal Plan" button when clicking in Add Goal button on his goal plan.

  1. Go to the user's Goal Plan;
  2. Click on Add Goal;
  3. Select "Copy From My Other Goal Plan";
  4. In the pop-up window select the goal plan that contains the goals(s) you want to copy;
  5. From the goals available select the goal(s) to be copied;
  6. Click copy and wait for your goal plan to update with copied goal(s)

Important notes

  • It stands to reason you would not be able to copy a goal from one goal plan that has a different configuration than another goal plan. If a field, category or value in one plan doesn't exist in the other, then the system is unable to copy. Therefore this feature works best when each goal plan year over year is based on the same design.
  • All data from the fields will be copied if logged on user has "Write" permissions to all the fields. Otherwise, only those fields with Write permission will be copied over. The other fields will remain blank.

Dates: To understand better how the system handles dates between the 2 goal plans please read the KBA 2072051.

Copying Goals:

  • Copy From: To copy goals from another person's goal plan then you need to be permissioned to use 'Cascade Pull" feature. See cascade goal featureor simply use the Goal Import feature. This only works within the same goal plan and not between different plans.
  • Copy To: To copy goals to another person's goal plan then you need to be permissioned to use 'Cascade Push" feature. See cascade goal feature or simply use the Goal Import feature. This only works within the same goal plan and not between different goal plans.
  • Copy Goal from other goal plan inside a form: is not supported yet, in case you would like to see this functionality implemented in the future, we would suggest you to propose this idea via New Idea Submission tool so it can be considered to become a possible enhancement for future releases, please read the KBA 2090228.
  • Copy Team/Group Goal is not supportted.
  • Comment doesn't get copied while using "Copy From Other Goal Plan" as this is not a regular field.


Transferring Goals

Currently only the administrator has a true "Transfer Goal feature", but an end user could achieve a transfer by simply deleting the goals from the original plan once the copy was done. This step would require that you have been permissioned to delete goals and have the "Delete Goal" button.

For more information on how an administrator can transfer goals, please see the KBA 2072749.


Copying goals via OData API

  • There is no special entity used to copy goals. It will be the same as creating goals.
  • Ensure that the user performing the integration (POST) does not have the permission "Admin Access for Goal ODATA API Export" granted in Manage Permisison Roles under Goals category.
  • This permission needs to be disabled since it is used for read-only purposes. Enabling this would cause issues while creating or updating goals.


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