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What users have the ability to view goals or goal details in SuccessFactors Goal Management?


SAP SuccessFactors Goal Management


The goal visibility is configured by Role Based Permissioons (RBP) configuration in Admin Center. You can find the details below:

  • Permissions to see other people’s goal can be configured within the system (on a per company basis). For example, rules can be set where everyone can see all the details of everyone’s “public”/”shared” goals, or only the direct manager, and/or managers above the organizational hierarchy can see goals of direct and indirect reports.
  • Certain goal attributes can also be configured to be hidden for shared viewing. For example, a sales representative can share the goal “Meet quarterly and annual sales quota” with the organization, whereas the actual “sales to date” is an attribute that is only viewable by the goal owner and manager.
  • Your goal plan may be configured to allow a user to make their goal private or public. You can mark goals as “Private” and not share them with the organization. An example is a goal of “Reduce headcount by 5%.” For obvious reasons, the manager does not want to share the goal with direct reports. The goal can be marked “Private” and the viewing permission can be configured so that only the goal owner and manager can see the goal and associated details. Administrators for your company that have been granted detailed reporting privileges and have been granted permission to proxy into a users account also have the ability to view private goals.

Note: Private goals added to a 360 Team Rater form will be visible to everyone. SuccessFactors does not recommend using Private Goals in a 360 process.

  • Your goal plan may also be configured to allow other roles to view public and private goals, such as Managers up the hierarchy, HR roles, etc.. As the actual configuration for your company can be customized, please check with the administrator of the SuccessFactors application at your company for details on your specific company setup. For more information regarding the goal permissions on for the configuration, you may also refer to the Goal Management Implementation Guide

Note: For supported configuration changes, please refer to KB article 2250190

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