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2072781 - Manage Goal Data - Top Reasons Goals Disappeared, Missing, or Deleted - Goal Management


  • This article explains common reasons why goals are not showing or disappeared.
  • Why goals are missing from 1 persons goal plan and/or missing from all goal plan?
  • Goals that were showing are no longer showing.
  • Missing goals in a goal plan.
  • Goals accidentally deleted or for some unknown reason have disappeared.


SAP SucessFactors Goal Management


Managing Goal Data

The customer administrator and end users are responsible for managing, adding, deleting, editing, importing, all goal data.SAP Cloud Product Support does not perform any customer data management. Due to data security policies, any changes to a customer's data needs to be performed by the customer administrators or their end users.

Listed in order of most common causes:

  1. User deleted the goal accidentally from goal plan (clicked on the Delete Goal button on the goal plan or via their PM form)
    1. User error. Symptoms are typically with just one or a few users, and often newer users to the application who are not familiar with proper use.
    2. Use ad hoc report to search on deleted goals to confirm it is now showing as a deleted goal.
      • Tip: You can also expand the search to include all goals for the Goal Plan for all users and the specific Goal if known. Possibly expand the search to include all Goal Plans to see if the goal was entered in the wrong Goal Plan. Also, you might want to consider the Classic Reporting => Goal Search Report
      • It is also possible to report on who deleted the goal and who proxied as the user to delete them.
        1. In the Reporting Tool, run a Table report for Goal Management.
        2. Under Columns > Audit Trail > select Audit Action, Sender, and Proxy Sender.
        3. The Sender is the one who sent the Audit Action, while the Proxy Sender is the one who proxied as the user to send that action. The field Last Modified by does not report on the user who sent the audit action.
    3. See the KBA 2072680 - It is Not Possible to Restore a Deleted Goal in Goal Management
  2. PM Form AutoSync. Your PM form has goal sync enabled. Someone deleted the goal from the PM form which in turn deletes it from the goal plan.
    1. Symptoms are that goals are randomly disappearing during certain phases of your PM process, typically in steps where goal editing is possible.
  3. Goal Plan connected to more than 1 PM form and using PM-GM Sync Up: If your goal plan is connected to more than one PM form, maybe a mid-year and end of year form, this can cause sync logic issues, where the system does not know if yoiu want to add it to one plan or remove it from the other. Please have support check Provisioning "Enable the Goal Management-Performance Management Sync up", as this will need to be disabled for your instance if you are in the practice of connecting a goal plan to multiple PM templates.
  4. Someone has set the goal to Private. If the goal is set as a private goal but that role does not have permission to see private goals it will seem the goal has disappeared.
    1. Symptoms are just small numbers of goals affected, randomly affecting people
    2. This could be user error with the person not realizing they have set the privacy flag, coupled with incorrect user permissions set for users.
    3. Support should review visibility permissions for this role for private goals and adjust the goal plan as needed. That will correct it for all live forms.
  5. Goal was a group goal and has now been deleted by the group goal owner
    1. Symptoms are the goal disappears for everyone
    2. This often happens for group goals when the user doesn't realize the goal was a group goal (not their personal goal) and was deleted by the group goal owner.
    3. Group goal owners often fail to realize that a group goal is special in the sense that you only share the goal with others for as long as you keep it on your own goal plan. If deleted from your performance form it also removes it from all uses.
    4. Owner will need to recreate the Group Goal and give it to all the users again.
  6. Manager or another person with delete permission deleted the goal. (use ad hoc report to search on deleted goals)
    1. Symptoms are that it only affects goals for people relative to that specific manager
    2. Use ad hoc report to search on deleted goals to confirm it is now showing as a deleted goal.
    3. How to restore a deleted goal
  7. PM form linked to incorrect goal plan
    1. This is common when the admin copies a PM form and forgets to change goal plan association. Or the administrator can accidentally link a goal plan to the wrong goal plan. Users start entering goals into the form, which in turn are now getting stored in the wrong goal plan it is linked to. When viewing the correct goal plan no goals are showing. It is impossible to change the goal plan linked in live PM forms. You must delete PM forms, and relink to correct goal plan.. or leave as is and move goals into the goal plan it is linked to.
    2. Can be tricky to resolve as the administrator needs to correct the PM template first, or use goal export and import to get goals to right plan.
    3. Goals entered into the wrong goal plan now need to be transferred over to the correct goal plan before you allow users to continue using the form.
    4. This could be done by exporting the goals for all users, and then reimporting the right goals into the right goal plan via goal import tools, or by asking each user to transfer their own goals.
    5. After goals are imported, you might need to use "open&save" feature on the PM template via admin tools.
  8. Change Engine settings.

    1. Check that the Change Engine => Manager Change => “Disable Auto Synch is not enabled”

  9. Date Range Filter

    1. Check to see if your goal plan is using the Date Range Filter in the filter section. If so disable this to see if goals reappear. If any goal has been added that contains a start or due date outside of your date range filter then it will not show on the goal plan.

  10. Someone recently was working on your goal plans and changed or deleted the goal categories (goals wont be deleted but now hidden in the old category)
    1. Symptoms are that a large numbers of goals have disappeared for everyone from that category section.
    2. When you run the use ad hoc report to search on deleted goals you do not find the goals listed in the report as deleted.
    3. This is complex to fix if your users now have goals added under the old/original category name and now also the new category. To get all these hidden goals to show you will need to first add back into your goal plan the old category so both old and new show. Then export goals > edit goals so they all map to 1 category name that is used on the goal plan and reimport.
  11. Goal plan permissions have been revoked via admin tools
    1. If you can no longer access the plan
    2. Your administrator has removed permission to access the plan via Admin Tools > Default User Permissions. Make sure goal plan is selected. For RBP users check the role that is allowed to use this plan and ensure user is in it.
  12. Admin deleted goals via an import file
    1. Symptoms are that large numbers of goals are now gone
    2. Use ad hoc report to search on deleted goals to confirm it is now showing as a deleted goal.
    3. How to restore a deleted goal
  13. Invalid characters are used in your goal fields. Be sure that the admin or users are not entering invalid characters in fields that do not support special characters
    1. Symptom is that no one sees the same goal if it was imported via the admin, or that it only affects 1 user if 1 user entered invalid goal data, most often because they copied and pasted data into the goal as opposed to typing it in.
  14. Error Selected Objective is no Longer Available
    1. Symptom could be occurring with various goals for many people
  15. Your administrator has set the goal plan to hidden
    1. No one can see the goals or plan anymore
    2. If you can no longer see the goal plan have the admin check the goal plan status.
  16. Goal was a group goal and it has been turned off in the Goal Plan
    • Symptoms are the goal disappears for everyone
    • Verify Group Goal Version 1.0.
    • Group goal owners/ Admin no longer has ability to add/assign a group goal.
    • Grouo Goal has been disabled in Goal Plan XML (allow-group-goal="false").
    • Once Group Goal has been enabled (allow-group-goal="true"), all Group Goals will reappear.



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