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2073521 - Archive old facilities and locations no longer in use


This KBA covers how to 'hide' locations and facilities that are no longer used by using Domains


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  • In many cases it is not ideal to delete deprecated resources and therefore a way to hide them is needed
  • Setting a record to inactive does exclude that record in most searches or reports
    • However, some searches and reports allow administrators to include inactive records


A Domain can be used to hide locations and facilities that are not in use:

  1. Create a domain called "Archive" or similar: this is the domain that entities no longer in use will be assigned to and will not be accessible
    1. Logon to LMS Admin
    2. Navigate to System Admin > Security > Domains
    3. Click "Add New"
    4. Fill in details:
      • Domain ID: Archive
      • Description: For archiving no longer used entities 


  2. Add the deprecated locations and facilities to that domain:
    1. Click "References" button in top right corner of LMS Admin
    2. Select "Physical Resources" > "Facilities" or "Locations"
    3. Search for and Open old resource to archive
    4. Change "Domain" to one created above
    5. Click "Apply Changes"


To allow Admins to find entities assigned to the PUBLIC domain:

  1. Create a domain restriction called 'PUBLIC'
  2. Add only the PUBLIC domain to the domain restriction
  3. Apply the domain restriction to the ROLES assigned to the users and administrators that need to search or access locations and facilities
  4. This will limit the locations and facilities they can access to those that are assigned to the PUBLIC domain.


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