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2074219 - Configure PRD to connect to a database through a proxy


  • How to configure PRD to connect to the hosted staging database through a Proxy.
  • When connecting, the admin user may generate the following error which indicates a Proxy issue: 
    • There is an error in get connection, java.sql.SQLException:

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To configure PRD to connect through a Proxy, the PlateauReportDesigner.ini file will need to be modified.  This file can be located in the root directory of PRD (e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\PlateauReportDesigner).

Firstly, open the file with a text editing program (Textpad, Notepad, Notepad++).  By default, you should see the following lines:


Add the following lines to the file (as appropriate – notations following each line describing when and if it should be included)

-Dhttp.proxySet=true<===Required - keep at http regardless if http or https is being used
-Dhttp.proxyHost=[value of proxy host]<==If using http
-Dhttp.proxyPort=[value of proxy port]<==If using http


-Dhttps.proxyHost=[value of proxy host]<==If using https
-Dhttps.proxyPort=[value of proxy port]<==If using https

 The following should be added is a user id/password combo is required to access the internet via the Proxy.

-Dhttp.proxyUser=[User ID]

The final file should look like this:


Save the file.

Note: This information is to provide some guidance on setting up the proxy values. Assistance with setting up the proxy and finding the details falls outside the scope of Support due to the issue being on an external network. Please work with your IT team to find the values that are needed for the .ini file.

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