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2076088 - Top Reasons Why Forms Fail to Launch or Create in Performance Management


  • This KB article addresses common reasons why PM forms will not launch.
  • Forms are not launching and are exhibiting erratic behaviors.
  • Some forms are not able to be created when they're initiated.


SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management


  1. Users are not active or not in Default User Group.
    1. Ensure user data is correct. Refer to 2088200 - Manage Users: How To Set User Status - Set User as Active - Set User as Inactive - Platform
    2. 2075973 - 900-001-6 Error When Creating a Form in Performance Management references form launch error 900-001-6 which is a generic code with many implications.
    3. This typically effects new users or users with recent manager changes on or after data changes.
  2. The employees' manager is not active.
    1. Reference 2088200 above as the direct manager and other managers in the hierarchy will all need to be Active.
    2. This usually occurs after a manager or role change occurs.
  3. The form has an invalid hard-coded competency code that has been deleted from the library or was an ID from the Test environment.
    1. Go into Provisioning > Form Template Administration
    2. Select the affected template > click SAVE
      • If there are invalid items in the XML, an error will be returned at the top of the page. Failure for this reason is typical because of the hard code within the form.
  4. Excessive Field Data has surpassed system limitations.
    1. Goals, competencies, and other custom fields all have design limitations as to how much data can be stored.
    2. Users must ensure employee data entered in any area does not exceed design limitations for the form.
    3. When goals are cascaded to large numbers of people, broad failures can be visible.
    4. Random failures can be caused by instances of entering invalid goal names.
    5. This can be tricky to identify as the root cause in many cases.
  5. Invalid Goal Data from unsupported formats.
    1. Users will need to confirm information being used is not copy-and-pasted or contains HTML formatting.
    2. It is recommended to paste the information as plain text. If users want to format text, it will need to be done using the text formatting bar in the form.
    3. The Goal NAME field should be short as the field should only contain 2,000 characters. Many clients use this field incorrectly by using it as a description field.
    4. The Goal DESCRIPTION field should be used instead as this field contains 4,000 characters and should be used for more detailed information.
    5. Improper use of each of these fields (exceeding the 2,000- and 4,000-character limits) can lead to a failure of forms launching.
  6. Timing issues.
    1. Symptoms can include random failures with no logical explanation but can work.
    2. Can also include groups of people having forms fail and in other cases forms failing for a few individuals.
    3. Reference 2144482 - Performance Management: Launching Forms - Forms Fail to Launch Due to Timing Issues for more information.
  7. Data updates and employee imports are not being performed in a valid order for some forms.
    1. Reference 2087907 - Data Imports and Exports: Order for Importing User Changes Via Employee Imports
  8. The Route Map First Step does not have valid information (i.e. the role of the person/people the form is being routed to)
    1. The form may only fail for a specific person or group of people that happen to have an invalid person or role in the first step.
  9. Invalid HTML in the XML form template can cause a misconfiguration.
    1. The issue more than likely will be a misconfiguration or data issue relative to a new year cycle, once confirmed by the user the issue is not system- or user-related.
    2. Because of HTML characteristics, it does not go against logic for the template to work even with a misconfiguration. It will depend on how the break in the HTML manifests itself.
    3. It is recommended to revert to the last known working copy of the XML template if it was reconfigured, typically from a previous year. It must be confirmed the old template still works and can launch a form. Once confirmed, the user should make careful edits so as not to break functionality.
  10. The Mass Create Forms Scheduler generates random failures when creating forms.
    1. Please refer to KBA 2088160 - Mass Create Form Scheduler: Forms did not create for additional information.
  11. Template in Admin tools is not set as Active.
    1. The user will need to check the template status under Admin Tools > Form Templates.
    2. This will cause a failure of the form from the onset.
  12. Start Date of New Form Conflicts with End Date of Previous Form
    1. The forms will not launch via scheduler, CSV upload, or manually launching a form for impacted users. You can:
      • Update the end date of the previous form, or the start date of the new form, so dates don't overlap and forms will launch successfully; OR
      • Navigate to Form Template Settings > uncheck the box for Prevent forms from being created with overlapping date ranges (this applies to all templates with this configuration enabled) > relaunch the new forms.

Note: Typically, users will get an email explaining why forms did not launch and this same email should provide guidance on what should be done to correct the issue.

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