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This Article provides information on what is Legal Scan and how to maintain the Legal Scan library. As well as, Disable Legal Scan On Route Option.

  • How to enable or disable Legal Scan for specific form templates?
  • Role-Based permissions for Legal Scan Library and Legal Scan Library Import tools
  • How to add Legal Scan Library Keywords?
  • Deleting Legal Scan Library Keywords.

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    What is Legal Scan?

    The Legal Scan is a list of words and phrases that the user is expected to review and update if they are not appropriate. It includes suggestions on what to avoid and how to reword.

    How does Legal Scan work?

    This option is available only if your company is using the Legal Scan tool. To use Legal Scan in the Performance form, enable Legal Scan option from Admin Center > Form Templates Settings.

    When enabled, users will see the Legal Scan button on the toolbar, and can use it to check for misspellings in individual comment sections only, or on the entire form.

    The Legal Scan works off exact match so include all variations of a word or phrase. Legal Scan does not replace the flagged words; it only alerts your users to alternatives. Users can choose to change the existing text based on the suggestions.

    This change applies to existing forms as well as newly created forms.

    Keep the straight quotes and underlines. They will be replaced by the word that needs to be reviewed.

    Example: egotist, egotistical, egotists...

    NOTE: Are you describing a personality trait? Words describing personality traits such as "_", "warm", or "calm" should be avoided. Focus on describing employee behavior in specific situations.

    How to enable Legal Scan?

    1.Enabling legal scan function via provisioning>company setting>legal scan

    2.Enabling Role-Based Permission to allow role to access admin tools to add and/ or modify text for items in the Legal Scan Library

    • In Admin Center search for Manage Permission Roles
    • Select the Permission Role
    • Click Permissions button
    • Browse to Administrators Permissions
    • Then "Manage Competencies and Skills"
    • Check to enable Legal Scan Library
    • Click Done then Save Changes

    Enable / Disable Legal Scan for specific form templates

    1. Go to Admin Center > Performance Management;
    2. Company Processes & Cycles section;
    3. Click Performance Management > Manage Templates;
    4. Access the template to remove Legal Scan;
    5. Click General Settings > Advanced Settings;
    6. Enable Legal Scan;
    7. Click Update Form Template to save changes.

    Disable Legal Scan On Route

    1. Go to Admin Center > Open the form template advanced settings;
    2. Disable Legal Scan On Route.
    Disable Legal Scan On Route If full form Legal Scan is enabled in provisioning a user will receive the popup for Legal Scan on route. Enabling this feature will disable Legal Scan on route for the specific template.
    Change timing Immediate, including existing forms.
    Applies to PM  360  Comp’   PM Note  Succession JobReq  IJR

    Adding Legal Scan Library Keywords

    1. Go to Admin Center > Legal Scan Library;
    2. Add and/or modify Legal Scan library:

    Legal Scan Library.PNG

    NOTE: PerformanceManager provides you with a basic Legal Scan library that contains common controversial terms. You can use the library as-is, or you can add other terms that your company deems controversial. You can add terms one at a time directly in Legal Scan library.

    Legal Scan Library Import

    You can add terms one at a time directly in Legal Scan library. Or, if you have multiple terms, you can create a single flat file that contains all the terms, and upload the file using Legal Scan Library Import feature.

    Enabling Role-Based Permission to allow role to access admin tools to import Legal Scan Libraries
    1. In Admin Center search for Manage Permission Roles
    2. Select the Permission Role
    3. Click Permissions button
    4. Browse to Administrators Permissions
    5. Then "Manage Competencies and Skills"
    6. Check to enable Legal Scan Library Import
    7. Click Done then Save Changes

    Legal Scan file specifications:

    • File must be saved in CSV format;
    • First column contains the keywords;
    • Keywords must be in lowercase;
    • Second column contains the Suggestion text.


    NOTE: If creating translations for each language, create a separate file for each language

    To import new keywords to Legal Scan Library:

    1. Go to Admin Center > Company Settings > Legal Scan Library Import;
    2. Select Legal Scan library csv file;
    3. Select the locale;
    4. Click Import:

    Deleting Legal Scan Library Keywords

    Now, it is also possible to remove existing Legal Scan keywords from Admin Center.

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